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Published:December 3rd, 2009 23:00 EST
Judyth Piazza Interviews Derrick Hayes, Motivational Speaker

Judyth Piazza Interviews Derrick Hayes, Motivational Speaker

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

It`s a four letter word.  A word that makes people smile in his presence; that gives people a reason to feel great about themselves.  It`s a small word that makes meeting Derrick for the first time, a life-changing moment.  Hearing it is like falling in love with the innermost part of yourself. 

His six year daughter AMBER is quite a story teller herself.  I remember on one occasion she asked me, Al, what did you like to do when you were a little kid? "  I responded and said, I liked to correct people. "  She then said, There once was a little kid named Al who had 42 friends.  The teacher asked one of Al`s friends what`s 2 + 2?  His friend said 8.  Little Al said, that`s not 8, it`s 4. "  You know what`s really amazing about AMBER, although she arrived a little early, her stories are always right on time.  She touches the heart of everyone she meets.  I guess All Miracles are Blessings that Everyone Remembers.

His father JAMES always has something to say that will give you a reason to smile.  There`s been many times when Derrick`s Words Of Encouragement kept me smiling in the midst of a troubling situation.  When I first met his father, he treated me like his own son.  For that experience, I am eternally grateful.  I now see why Derrick`s gift is so powerful.  He was shaped and molded by a man who knows that Joy Always Makes the Enlightenment Sweet. 

One day I asked Derrick, Where did you get so much insight about business at such a young age? "  And he responded, My brother LARRY taught me many lessons about life and business.  He told me never to forget the great things that I`d learned for Lessons Are Reminders that Rejuvenate You. " 

When Derrick speaks, you will LAUGH.  You will LAUGH at your problems.  You will LAUGH at your worries.  You will LAUGH at your discouragements.  He`ll even give you a reason to LAUGH at yourself, for Derrick knows that Life Allows Us to Get Help when we ask for it.

Motivational Speaker LES Brown says Live Your Dreams " and Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes says Love Every Second " of the journey that takes you the place where your dreams are alive and life is fulfilling and all that you expect.

I have one final thing to say about Derrick.  His intention is not to simply get paid to speak.  His intention is to speak Words Of Encouragement into your life and through your life make the lives of others complete and satisfying.  For success is whatever you define it to be.  Derrick is successful when others are encouraged to keep giving it one more try until they get what they came for.  

Your next event may be right around the corner or a few months away.  I encourage you to share this wonderful experience with your audience.  Put them in front a person who has encouraged so many people to strive for more, that he never has to worry about staying discouraged again. 

"Before you leave work or go to sleep tonight give someone a W.O.E.,
 give them a Word Of Encouragement"

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