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Published:June 23rd, 2006 06:22 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Ivory Dorsey: Speaker, Trainer and Author

Judyth Piazza chats with Ivory Dorsey: Speaker, Trainer and Author

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Ivory Dorsey is a product and a proponent of change. She is multi-dimensional. She is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Facilitator. As an independent contractor since 1984, Ivory . She has informed, inspired, and ignited audiences world-wide in a multitude of industries. She has synthesized her experiences as both employee and entrepreneur into a powerful resource for businesses and organizations. She has universal appeal at all levels within organizations.

Ivory has a broad-based background. She graduated from college and entered the workplace during the most dynamic period of our times. While making her own history, she helped make history everywhere she went. Not only was she able to work in Corporate America, she represented one of the premier companies in the world during its most competitive time in its history. She went to work for Xerox Corporation as it took on competition for the first time in its history. Learning to perform in the midst of chaos began during this time.

During this time, Ivory thrived on over-achievement and discovered the "foundations of survival during change." It was here she learned that what goes on around you during challenging times is insignificant-what goes on inside of you is what counts. She learned three very powerful truths: 1. "To adapt is to survive, 2. Excellence is race, age, and gender neutral, and 3. "The decision to perform is personal." She shares these lessons during today`s turbulent times. Entering the workplace on the front-line of radical change and thriving because of-not in spite of the chaotic change, she believes she has lived her whole life for her life today. She believes there is but one mandate for PERFORMANCE excellence today: "Whatever It Takes (WIT)"

Ivory has a performance track record that includes Field Sales and Management, Customer Education, Retail Store General Management, Education, and Administration. She is versatile, excelling on topics that include Change, Competition, Leadership, Sales, Diversity, etc. She is a very powerful resource for navigating today`s business and personal issues. Ivory does not refer to herself as a "motivational speaker." She knows motivation is an inside job. She sees herself as a "motivated" speaker inspiring others to catch the spirit.

Ivory believes she is a messenger for today`s workplace. Her recently released book, "Soft Skills for Hard Times-A handbook for High Achievers," captures what she feels will determine the success or failure of high achievers in today`s chaotic environment. She knows that soft skills are undocumented keys to success and must be applied along with defined professional skills.

As the challenges of the workplace blur the line between work and home, Ivory believes she was born for such a time as this. Her professional work experiences as well as her personal life experiences have all conspired to prepare her for such a time as this. She believes she has lived her whole life for her life right now. She is committed to guiding others as they navigate this changing and chaotic environment.

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