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Published:June 21st, 2008 09:57 EST
Mom Arrested After 2-year-old Son Found Wandering Streets Alone

Mom Arrested After 2-year-old Son Found Wandering Streets Alone

By Robert Paul Reyes

In our society we cherish motherhood, Moms are right up there with God and apple pie. The surest way to get into a fight in a bar is by questioning the virtue of somebody`s mother.

The Martin County Sheriff`s Office I have warm memories of my Mom doing seemingly small things like kissing me good night, packing my lunch, smooching my bruise, and buttoning my jacket against the cold.

Unfortunately, not all Moms have a maternal instinct, here`s an excerpt from an article about a woman who doesn`t deserve to be called a Mom:

"The Martin County Sheriff`s Office turned a 2-year-old boy over to state authorities after his mother allowed him to wander the street alone, naked and sunburned while she slept Thursday afternoon, according to an arrest report.

Deputies arrested Jessica Lynnea Downs, 21, of the 1200 block of Southeast Tropical Terrace, and charged her with child neglect, a felony. Her bond was set at $2,500"

The entire article can be read here:

I have two cats and I would never leave my front door ajar, I would be terrified that they might slip out and I would never see them again. This woman should always keep her doors locked, so that her tot can`t wander outside.

When I was a kid my mother slept with one eye and one ear open, if I was into mischief in the middle of the night I would hear her yell: Stop what you are doing and go to bed immediately!

"The boy`s father, Ian Downs, said his wife usually sleeps during the day. He said the boy usually naps next to her and she hears him when he wakes up. He said she was still in jail as of Friday night, and he`s a little bit upset with her for letting this happen.

He called the incident a `misunderstanding` and said his wife usually wakes up when her son wakes up."

Quotation from

Ian is almost as bad as his wife, he doesn`t take this incident seriously. If I had a wife who allowed my 2-year-old son to wander the streets while she slept, I would be more than a "little upset", and I would consider it more than just a "misunderstanding."

This is not the first time the child has been found roaming the streets alone. The child is in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

After reading this article I have outrage at this woman`s lack of maternal instincts, and gratitude that I had parents who loved me and took proper care of me.

If your Mom is still alive, and provided she`s not a monster like Jessica Downs, you should give her a hug and a kiss.