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Published:August 2nd, 2008 16:36 EST
Casey Anthony: Mother Of The Year?

Casey Anthony: Mother Of The Year?

By Robert Paul Reyes

O.J Simpson is still on the Florida golf links searching for the murderer of his ex-wife. His tireless search is interrupted only by a need to do an occasional armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Until recently Simpson`s example of love and dedication to seek justice for a murdered or missing family member was unequaled.

We are all familiar with the case of Casey Anthony, 22, the woman who is accused of not reporting her missing toddler for five weeks.

If a Mom can`t find her toddler after five minutes, she will contact the authorities. But Casey, who is now in jail, claimed she was doing her own investigation into her daughter`s disappearance in the five weeks before she was arrested.

Simpson searched for his ex-wife`s killer in golf courses, and Casey searched for his missing toddler in bars and nightclubs. There are dozens of photos online that show Casey dancing, cavorting and drinking in hot nightspots; all these images were taken after her daughter was missing.

If there is a hell Simpson and Anthony deserve to be locked in a small room for eternity. The devil should give Simpson a golf club so he can take out his frustration on Anthony.

There is little hope that Caylee Marie Anthony, 2, will be found alive. And there should be no hope that Casey Anthony will ever be a free woman again.