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Published:September 2nd, 2008 22:22 EST
Sarah Palin: Unqualifed To Be President

Sarah Palin: Unqualifed To Be President

By Robert Paul Reyes

On his 72nd birthday Sen. John McCain gave himself quite a birthday present: A stunningly attractive Sarah Palin to be his running mate. McCain might be delighted with his new gal pal, but he has done a tremendous disservice to the nation by selecting such an utterly unqualified novice to be his running mate.

I`m a political junkie who lives and breaths politics, but even I had to visit Wikipedia to find out the basic facts about Sarah Palin.

It`s no wonder that there are many rumors swirling over McCain`s controversial pick:

*She`s an alien babe from a faraway galaxy who has the power to hypnotize the electorate with her high-pitched voice.

*She`s a gun nut who keeps a Glock hidden in her bun-type hairdo.

*She`s a Christian fundamentalist who resorts to "speaking in tongues" when faced with a reporter`s tough question.

*She`s willing to drill through the head of a reindeer in search for oil.

*She exercises by wrestling with Polar Bears.

*Her fifth child born in April with Down`s Syndrome was actually her 17-year-old daughter`s.

The last item is really a rumor that is making the rounds of the Internet. There is no truth to the rumor, but if she wasn`t properly vetted by McCain, we shouldn`t be surprised if the tabloids and the blogs pick up the slack.

Palin was a last minute selection, McCain had only met her once prior to choosing her as his running mate. If McCain had his way he would have picked Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge, but his advisers warned him that those selections would be anathema to pro-life fanatics.

Hordes of Democratic operatives, investigative journalists and bloggers have booked flights to Alaska to delve into the private life of Sarah Palin. She`s an unknown, who knows what they will discover? Maybe she really is an extraterrestrial with the ability to hypnotize disaffected Hillary voters with her high-pitched wail.