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Published:September 3rd, 2008 10:11 EST
Call me N-fidel

Call me N-fidel

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

"All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all." 

Governor Sarah Palin

                                                                                The Prophet Isaiah


Revelations regarding Alaska Governor Sarah Palin`s daughter delightfully divided the righteous from the self-righteous.  Talking Heads and hot-headed bloggers hurriedly hummed with the news that the young, unmarried lass is with child.  Some nasty noise has been circulated in the form of objective observation.  For some, there appears to be no restraint when it comes to political capitalization or advantage.


Knocked off their feet by McCain`s choice of Governor Palin, the livid left lost no time digging for dirt.  In fact, MSNBC was either particularly perplexed or shamelessly determined to smear Sarah before she first took the stage August 29.  Ignoring all readily-available biographical information, MSNBC advised their viewers that she is 44 years old, has an 80% approval rating and is, incidentally, facing state investigation. 


Admittedly lame, MSNBC (and other frothing-at-the-mouth main and not-so-main-stream) "journalists" kept digging.  Apparently frustrated at having found nothing of consequence, MSNBC reprehensively resorted to a Breaking News banner under which they asked, "How many houses does Palin add to the Republican ticket?"


Bloggers began belching every possible rumor they could conjure.  Contemplate the celebration that must have swept through the souls of the indignant media when they learned Sarah`s daughter is pregnant.  Orgasmic, no doubt.


Has the left tapped out of tolerance?  Where is Oprah?  Where is Barbara Walters with her soothing, ethereal view of the world?  Have the women of choice changed their minds?  One might expect to hear the roar of their protest against this vicious attack; yet, the roar reveals itself in silence.  Very odd.


Fortunately, the entire episode has troubled the waters of the washy left wing and allowed the casual observer to witness the truly schizophrenic mind-set of main stream media and the madness of those agents who, being without sin, decided to stone the fallen daughter in order to assassinate their rival.  Americans do not like it.


Gov. Sarah Palin has overcome far greater hurdles with grace and style.  Attack dogs are nothing new to her.  Granted, it must be shocking to see the dogs attack her child with child, but she will prevail.  Sarah`s having joined the Republican ticket turned the tide for working mothers, career women and struggling young people.


Don`t be surprised to see the convention floor flowing with signs that read, "Unwed Mothers for McCain."


I`m Nancy Lee Wolfe and I approve this message.