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Published:November 10th, 2008 08:39 EST
Sam Cooke, Singer Of A Change Is Gonna Come...

~To Black Men and Black Women And Indeed All People~

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Sam Cooke, Singer Of A Change Is Gonna Come...

The entire world witnessed a historic event when Barack Obama won the presidency of The United States of America.  A land that since its inception has traditionally been run by White Americans.  I like many others am happy and I am most happy for the surviving members who fought inequality and perhaps didn`t think they would ever see in their life times, this nation being presided over by a person of color.  And it should be noted that those freedom fighters and those that fought for equality were of all races.


Sam Cooke`s song, "A Change is Gonna Come" has taken on prophetic meanings to be sure.  But there is far more to this monumental event and what it could really mean in my view not only as an American, but also that as a Black American, and more importantly, as a Black, mixed raced individual.


Tim Wise, a man that has garnered national attention for his understanding and deep insights has written many an editorial that has explained and perhaps broken down being that he does truly understand, what it is, to be a person of color in this nation, and how wrong things have been.


As a man who is composed of more races than just Black.  I think another area needs to be addressed if we are truly going to step forward into the future and embrace all the wonderful possibilities this historic happening may very well be the precursor for.


So this is primarily too you, Black Man and Black Woman.  I do however hope that the things I address also are received by and at least contemplated on for a spell by all races of people that take the time to read this and perhaps even reflect a bit on its truthfulness.  And when I say all races, what one must understand is that the same things that happen in what I believe is thee most racially confused race on the planet, happens through out all the races for different reasons, but no doubt because of not fitting a pre conceived notion of what is acceptable.


Whites can band together against Blacks and Blacks can do the same but in the White group there are people that are still prejudiced against because they are obese, or they are too fair or dark of complexion, or they have sexual preferences regarding same gender that are not acceptable to the whole.  Whether they are male or female.


The same however holds true in the Black race and that is what I wish to address in more detail.  It also isn`t something that will disappear over night but there is a reason why people who are indeed Black, have felt the need to band together and call themselves what they are... 


Mixed Racially...


Because they get it from both sides of the fence...


And yet another thing that happens is there are White and Asian, White and Hispanic, White and Indian as well...


Who often feel more of a kinship with those who are Black and White than they do with either race that they were created from...


So it also if seen in the broader view applies equally to them...


For the point I am trying to share however, I am speaking from my knowledge as a mixed racially Black Man.


On most law books through out the land, all it takes for a person to be considered Black is to have one tenth of Black blood flowing through their veins.


But if you are Black, you don`t need an out dated law to know that within the "Black Race" there are people that will decide whether you are "Black Enough" based on a myriad of reasons that have been instilled in them over time, through ignorance that if one is truly open minded enough, will see has about enough intelligence attached to it as a White person saying Blacks are simply inferior based on the fact they were born Black.


All forms of prejudice are based on exterior observations that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual performance or the real capabilities of an individual.


So all forms of prejudice are a tool to lump people who may have a myriad of talents in any given category, where they can be, based on an entirely unintellectual process and at it`s very root, an ignorant belief, considered inferior based solely on, and only on the physical characteristics they, by no fault or choice on their own behalf were born with.


If you are pure White, pure Black, pure Asian or pure Indian, you yourself had about as much say as someone that is half Black, half Asian, or half Indian or half White.


And how much say did you yourself have in that decision in either case?




So to curse a person for something they themselves had absolutely no say in, instead of accepting them for what they might possibly be is to me, the highest form of stupidity that a person can engage in!



I could also say, based on actual knowledge by being in the services, that there are large framed men and women that on occasions, would run circles around much slimmer and what would be based on physical appearance, genetically built runners.


And some of them were put out because of weight standards.


And how is it Eminem can hold his own with any Black Rapper?  Or Christina Aguilera if only heard and not seen would by perhaps all those who heard her if asked, be thought Black?


"Stereo Types" and that is what I am addressing and I think from my perspective, no other races, particularly in these obvious changing times needs to think more deeply and more harder on the subject because for prejudice within a race, by a race, there is no other race in my belief that is more behind the times in that category than the Black Race.


Because on top of, "She`s gay, or he`s gay, or she`s anorexic, or she`s obese", or what ever form of prejudice one can throw at a soul who is born often as they are, WE THROW IN...


"She` thinks she is all that and a bag of chips because she has....  Light Skin and Good hair!" 


Or "He looks Black, but he talks just like a White Person!"  And the actual translation of that actually means sadly, they sound intelligent although in reality, sounding white doesn`t make one intelligent.  Nor does "Sounding" Black, make any one not intelligent.


Any one who has seen Beverly Hills Cop knows that one of the funniest parts of the movie was when Eddie Murphy spoke like a "White Person."  And because of it was able to handle the situation in a way that had he not, would have gone badly for him.


Being worldly to a degree, born in a foreign land and having lived in so many different countries, I take into consideration my first words spoken were Japanese according to what I remember being family lore.  (We had a Japanese House Keeper).


But the truth of the matter is, if I was raised there, I would be speaking Japanese.  So when I meet a Black person that has a French accent I realize that how they sound doesn`t matter.


My world is Good People, Bad People...


I don`t alienate any one based on there physical appearance, because genetics isn`t something any of us have a choice in, nor how they sound, because in my view we are all also a product of our environment. 


Human beings are repeaters.


You learned how to say Mommy or Daddy by hearing it in what ever language you understand that to be.  Or anything else.


And if you are Black and you heard it in French so be it.  How you look however, and any Black Person will tell you if they are being totally honest, can be negated if you learn how to speak "Black". 




"That girl is fine, she`s a red bone but, trust me, she`s a sister, just listen to how she talks!"




"You can say anything you want to, but Eminem is Black, it`s easy to see he was born with White Skin but I bet if you could actually see his soul, you would find a Black Man!"


We, as Black people, of all shades and hues need to accept that how another "Black Person" looks or sounds is a product of them being raised wherever they might have been raised, and genetically gifted with whatever genetic lineage that was passed on to them of which, they like all of us, had no choice in the matter.


Change based on a person of "Color" being elected as the ruler in this great land is something all of humanity needs to embrace.


But "Black People" need to understand on a large scale, that by accepting those of us who might sound White, or Black or regardless how we might sound.  (I speak Black, White and a combination of the two for the middle grounds as well as an English accent, if I so choose because I spent four years there), really need to understand that change is indeed coming or can if we too as a collective whole change with it.


And the day where the "Black Sounding" people will more readily accept a "White Sounding Man or Woman" than a person of color who "Sounds White", need to embrace that as well if change is indeed going to come globally.


To date there are Blacks through out the world that wouldn`t understand what it means to sound "Black" in America or for that matter what it means for a "Black" to be considered "White" because they speak "White" because they themselves have only spoken "Swahili"...  Or French, Or German, or Arabic and I could go on.


Change is coming, but in order for that change to really come and actually remain, we, of all hues and hair textures and eye colors and how we sound or don`t sound need to embrace that change.


What I suggest, is you view your world in the way I view mine.


Good people or Bad people.


With me being of more than one race, I apply that to all I deal with, whether they be gay or straight, Black, White, Asian or Indian or what have you.


But for the "Black Race" I personally think that we need to address it within our own race.  Meaning if we as a collective whole can accept someone that sounds "White" if they are good people.  We have crossed another invisible barrier.


And if we can reject someone that sounds "Black" who is not good, or again, vice versa if that is what the situation is than so be it.


Most Black men, if they are honest, will tell you that an attractive Black woman that speaks with a genuine "British" accent is all the more intriguing just based on that fact alone.  Whether they are Black Speaking Blacks, or Blacks that sound White.


The only reason she sounds like she does is because of where she is from and the environment in which she was raised.


And the simple truth of the matter is that is the case with us all, yet no other race to my knowledge will disqualify someone based on how they sound and lump them in a category based on that quicker than those who are in the Black Race.


Change has appeared on the horizon in a most amazing way that can pave the way to a far more peaceful and accepting world as a whole for the future.




The elimination of the "Racial ness" that Blacks in this country exercise on other "Blacks" has to also be a part of this if the change, is really essentially going to take root and then grow...


Regardless of whether a man of color has achieved the highest office in this land or not.


From my vantage point, I admire David Chapelle in more ways than one for speaking so many blatant truths and to paraphrase and not verbatim mind you.  He said a lot of people think because of his many comedy skits he is racial.


But his, and to not be too blatant and say what he actually said...  So me watering it down...  Is universal in its acceptance.  (Smile).


I get what Dave is saying, and I would like for a lot of others to get it as well.  But for change to really take root, I think it also has to take place within the "Black Community" as well.


And that means a "Black" person that might sound "Street" accepting a "Black" person that might sound "White" and ignoring how they sound, or understanding the reasons each might sound as they may and looking for what really matters, whether they are good people, or bad people.


We are at a point in the world`s history where a man of "Color" is ruling the most powerful country the world has ever known.


It`s taken so many years for that to happen. 


But in order for it`s happening to be about real change.


We as "Black People" and hopefully subsequently as "All People" are going to have to break down some of the racial intolerance`s we have within our own race and I add a slash after races to mean, race/s.


If as Sam Cooke sang about, a change is really going to not only come, but remain...


Chase Von Says...


If you do not like me
Because of how I am
Than so be it


If you do not like me
Based on how I look
Or how I sound
Without really knowing

How I am

You are disliking me
For reasons
That have been instilled in you
Through others
And you are nothing more
Than just a mere parrot
For their beliefs


By Chase Von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved