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Published:March 26th, 2009 12:26 EST
The Lady Godiva Of The Tax Day Tea Party

The Lady Godiva Of The Tax Day Tea Party

By Robert Paul Reyes

This is an excerpt from a recent article I wrote entitled "Porn Star Strips At Milan Stock Exchange To Protest Against Financial Crisis":

"The Boston Tea Party may have generated controversy and inflamed passions against the British in 1773, but you need to do something a little bit sexier to grab people`s attention today.

In America tea parties are in vogue to protest taxes and the economic crisis, and my reaction is: Blah!

Leave it to an Italian to think outside of the box and come up with a sexy and innovative way to protest taxes:

"An Italian pornographic actress stripped down to her panties at the Milan stock exchange on Tuesday to protest against the financial crisis, police said.

Laura Perego, 22, climbed on to a table inside the bourse entrance clad only in her panties and with the Italian flag painted on her body, a police spokesman said." Reuters"

I didn`t receive any feedback from this editorial, and I was disappointed that I failed to inspire any porn star to display her patriotic pride in America. But today I received an email from a nice lady, and it vindicated my belief in the goodness, intelligence and patriotism of the American people.

Suzanna Logan (The Lady Godiva of the Tax Day Tea Party) writes in her blog:

"Today, I received an invite to speak at one of those Tea Parties that the media refuses to tell us about.

Count me in: I love parties. I love tea. And, I hate taxes.

Upon receiving the invite, the question of what I would say lasted for but a moment before the more pressing question of what I would wear took preeminence.

Mr. Reyes` outright nose-thumbing at the American way (of protesting taxes) and its` women is sheer effrontery. To leave his words unchallenged, would itself be an affront to the proud can-do, never-to-be-outdone American spirit.

So, in the name of all that is patriotic and good (including parties and tea but not taxes), let me say that I can assure Mr. Reyes that `Blah!` will not be his reaction if he happens to end up at a Tea Party where I`m in attendance.

My guess is that `God Bless America!` (or, possibly `God, get her a t-shirt quick!` will be his response."

Logan includes a photograph of herself in her blog, and I can assure the "Lady Godiva of the Tax Day Tea Party", that "blah" will not be my response. Logan is as gorgeous as she is intelligent, patriotic and daring. In fact if there`s ever a tea party in my small community in Lynchburg, I would pay for her airline tickets if she would make an appearance. (sans any clothes of course)

If my writing can inspire a beautiful woman to disrobe for a noble cause maybe I`m not such a hack after all.