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Published:March 28th, 2009 11:30 EST
US Marshal Executed In Mexico

US Marshal Executed In Mexico

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A US marshal accused of stealing government property has been shot dead execution-style in the lawless Mexican border town of Juarez in the latest murder along the violence-gripped Rio Grande frontier.

The body of Deputy Marshal Vincent Bustamante was found with multiple gun wounds to the back of his head, according to Chihuahua state police." Philip Sherwell/Telegraph.Co.UK

The Mexican government is engaged in an epic war with drug cartels, the unrelenting violence has claimed the lives of thousands of federal troops, police officers, politicians as well as civilians.

A favorite pastime of US politicians is to accuse the Mexican government of pervasive and systemic corruption, but we have to give Mexican President Felipe Calderon credit for having the courage to declare war on the drug cartels.

The violence has spilled over into American cities along the US-Mexican border, and some Americans blame only Mexico for the drug-inspired violence.

Now that a US Marshal has been killed execution style in the Mexican border town of Juarez some yahoos are demanding that Obama militarize the border.

What the "seal the border" crowd fails to mention is that the US Marshall was under investigation by US authorities for theft of US government property. The murder of the crooked US law enforcement official was probably linked to his criminal activity.

We can`t put all the blame on Mexico for the drug violence, the Mexican drug organization thrive because of the insatiable desire of Americans for illegal drugs. Guns of any kind are very difficult to obtain in Mexico, it`s weapons from the US smuggled south across the border that enable the Mexican drug gangs to unleash death and mayhem on the Mexican population.

Mexican President Calderon has requested more money from the US to fight the cartels. Obama should immediately send him more aid, considering that the drug gangs would go out of business if it weren`t for American guns and American appetite for drugs.