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Published:April 24th, 2009 16:51 EST
The Mask - I Know You. Let Us Live Earnest!

The Mask - I Know You. Let Us Live Earnest!

By SOP newswire2

Development of civilization - it increases opportunities for more people to live as dictate their own interests, needs and desires. And less power have to spend to overcome the pressure from any authoritarian structures. Living in freedom raises many new questions to the individual and society. It turns out that you need to learn this difficult case - to live a genuine life, listening to their most profound desires and trust yourself. That is, one must be sincere. And what happens in life? In life, people often wear masks. And we do not want to admit it to them. Mask - "I am not such, I have everything, so they need to change", people often justify themselves. And here it is necessary to have a strong desire to learn the truth, honesty and courage to see yourself the way you do. And it is very painful. In order to move forward, you need to know where we are and what we have in reality. How can we change ourselves, if we do not know who we are and that is the?

You afraid of such things as deception, lies, betrayal, fear and other negative qualities? From the perspective of psychology in them there is nothing terrible and immoral. You have developed these qualities throughout childhood, to protect them from the pressure of the outside world to get what you want. All of us, as children, had to go to the deception in order to get something from the world of adults or not to be punished. Social morality condemns negative qualities. You want to hide these qualities. You are making efforts to comply with the standards of morality. You put the mask. A mask, in the end, this is a lie. But, hiding the negative qualities of society, you`re hiding them from themselves, because they were "disgraceful." You deprive yourself to act and to overcome its flaws. You will never be able to become better and change your life if you do not see them and not have to work with them. You can lie to people, wearing different masks, but never deceive yourself. Honestly look at yourself and then your life will change, you no longer need to hide, and you will find freedom.

If you honestly look at yourself, you`ll notice that all of those tired of wearing masks. Somewhere deep inside yourself you know that it`s not like you people and your mask. This further complicates your life, because instead of true love, which is so necessary to us all, you get a substitute. Sincerity gives you tremendous joy. The joy of the sincerity of his own like no other. So let us live own natural life!


Shukhrat Khakimov, Writer