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Published:May 8th, 2009 15:12 EST
Creationism And Evolution Are Both True

Creationism And Evolution Are Both True

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Robert Paul Reyes says in his article in  yesterday that, those who accept creation  "are ignorant, but those who accept evolution " are educated !

Creation and evolution  co-exist and they are both true !

The Koran says, for example : "We have created the life from water and developed it from a single cell. "  The Koran entirely confirms both the creation  and  the evolution . The Koran also supports sciences fully : "Those who understand science, understand this book better " it says. 

Many who say they are Muslim, haven`t read and understood the Koran. Just the same as many who say they are Christians haven`t read and understood the Bible!

Both the Christians and the Muslims are prejudiced towards one another although both religions are the religions of God and both religions say, "Those who believe in God are brethren. "

Christians do not recognize Mohammed as a God`s prophet, although Muslims recognize and respect Jesus as a God`s prophet, born of Virgin Mary and as the God`s word on earth.

Because the Christians do not recognize Mohammed as a god`s prophet, Muslims are angry at the Christians.

In Barnaba`s Bible (5 copies exist, one in The Louvre)  Jesus says: "The saviour who will come after me will have the name Ahmed (Mohammed). "  Other Bibles don`t state this.

Again, in Orthodox Bible Jesus says : "Do not pray to me, pray to the father! (The God) "

which is omitted in many other bibles. Koran is one and is full of miracles. It can only have come directly from God, as the unalphabet Mohammed can not have written it himself, nor anyone of his witnesses, as the Koran is full of  miraculous knowledge unknown at the time when it was delievered.

In Christianity, Jesus is the central figure, in Islam, the Koran is. Mohammed is only a messenger, a humble prophet of God.


Let`s move to the modern times: Einstein believed in God and in God`s religions and of course in science. He said "Religion without science is blindness and science without religion is shear paralysis. " He had more education than just a high school diploma.

In 2007, The Templeton Prize , world`s biggest philosophy prize (£ 1 million) was delievered to Prof. Charles Taylor who said within a secular framework of government and sciences, if we don`t  place emphasis also on spiritual values and religion, we destroy the human civilisation. "


Indeed we live in an ignorant world with West engaged in wars and so heavily in manufacturing and selling weapons to the ignorant East which is engaged so heavily in misunderstanding its religion and  in terrorism and a backward lifestyle.