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Published:May 24th, 2009 10:56 EST
What Happened to Good Old "Southern Hospitality"

What Happened to Good Old "Southern Hospitality"

By Avah LaReaux

Some years ago, I visited a restaurant with my family and friends and received a great disappointment. The food was good. The company was great, but the customer service left something to be desired. Unfortunately, that first experience seems to have been my induction into the Poor Service Club.

When I was growing up, my mom literally preached being polite, speaking when entering a room, saying yes sir and yes ma`am, and smiling a kind smile to strangers. She taught me to hold doors for the elderly and to say please and thank you, and she told me these things were a simple matter of hospitality. Actually, she called it "southern hospitality" because she is from Arkansas.

All that being said, I am absolutely floored when greeters at an establishment don`t greet. Hello? Your job description is even in your position name. I understand being busy and distracted. I can relate to having too much to do and even intending to do something, but getting side barred with the unexpected.

What I can`t understand is seeing someone, knowing they are at your place of business to be served, and then not serving them. Aside from the obvious neglect in doing the job, the lack of courtesy is outrageous.

Are we really seeing the end of days when saying hello to a customer, even when they aren`t in your area, is a thing of the past? Has the time gone by when a gentle smile is reserved only for those we know? What have become of the days when waiters wait and greeters greet? I guess common courtesy is not so common anymore.