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Published:July 20th, 2009 12:50 EST
Gays Fight Mormon Intolerance With Kiss-In

Gays Fight Mormon Intolerance With Kiss-In

By Robert Paul Reyes

About a week ago I wrote an article (Gay Couple Arrested For Chaste Kiss On The Cheek) about two gay men who were detained by security guards for kissing at a plaza owned by the Mormon Church.

Since that unfortunate incident there have been a couple of "kiss-ins" held at the plaza. Homsexuals are well advised to protest every time they encounter prejudice, not a single incidence of intolerance must allow to go unchallenged.

"Hans Totterer said he came to the LDS Church`s Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City for Sunday`s 12:15 p.m. `kiss-in` without plans for smooching.

After a heated exchange across signs held by counter-protesters from the anti-gay group America Forever, however, he found a surprise partner. As the two men locked lips, those in support of the protest cheered.

Counter-protesters holding placards chiding gays for `leading a persecution movement against American religions,` jeered.

`Their signs insulted me,` said Totterer, an 18-year-old supply store employee and Salt Lake Community College student. `They upset me so much, I couldn`t think of anything else to do.` Ben Fulton/The Salt Lake Tribune

Totters` response to homophobia symbolizes the non-violent nature of gays and lesbians long struggle for equal rights. Instead of trading barbs with the homophobic Mormons, Trotter reacted by smooching a fellow gay activist. A simple kiss is more powerful than a hundred angry words.

The Jesus Christ of the Gospels, who never uttered a single word against homosexuality, would have joined the kiss-in. Jesus would have nothing to do with the sanctimonious Mormons who believe they are superior to everyone else.

If there`s a deity looking down on us, I`m persuaded he cringes when he witnesses a book burning or a mob of Christians hurling insults against gays. But I`m sure he smiles when he sees homosexuals using peaceful means like a kiss-in to attain equality.

A handful of members of the LDS Church who are troubled by the anti-gay stance of their church handed out fliers promoting reconciliation between gays and Mormons.

It`s these few righteous LDS members who give me hope that common sense will eventually triumph over religious bigotry and superstition.