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Published:August 2nd, 2009 10:26 EST

A Description of Love

By Richard Taylor

What is Love? Many people say they can tell you what it is for they have experienced it. But can they really tell you what it is? No. All they can really tell you is what their experience of love has been, and that is all. Nobody, and I don`t care what kind of an expert they call themselves, can give you a precise definition of love, because love is universal.

And yes, there are many people out there who call themselves experts on just this subject alone, but when all is said and done, all they can give you is their relative experience of love, and it therefore becomes an opinion. So it then becomes, how much of a sheep are you? Do you listen to the shepard, or can you make up your own mind and decide for yourself?

So if love boils down to just an opinion, just an experience, then what is it really? Can YOU tell us what love is? The world is made up of many followers that listen to other peoples opinions and make them set in stone as to what something is. So now it comes down to, are you just a follower, or can you classify yourself as a thinker?

Many people are afraid to do that. Think. They will always follow what somebody else defines something as for it has been tested and approved by the multitude as acceptable. They are afraid if they think and nobody else likes it, they will be judged by everyone else as not okay. But now wait a minute. If that`s all something needs is approval by the many, does that really make it right?

Let us take it one step further. The multitude say the death penalty is acceptable because one person said it was alright and they all agreed with that one person. But is it really right? When you put somebody to death, that is, stick them in an electric chair and sizzle their brains out, just to mention one of the many ways it has been done, we call it justice. We have even made up the department of justice to make it legal and acceptable to kill someone, to take their life. But is it really justice?

I say no. I say what it really is, is a legal way for revenge. So in other words, we have the Department of Revenge, right? Well heck, even the Bible says an eye for an eye, right? But out of the many, many times the Bible has been translated, is that what it originally said? I ,for the life of me, just cannot picture a God so mean. One that has done all of the mean things that have been translated into what the Bible says today. Nor any of the other holy books for that matter. What we all need to do is learn the miracle of forgiveness. But I think that will take many lifetimes.

Okay, back to where we left off. So justice has now been defined as revenge, and it`s legal as long as we have a jury of our peers to say it`s okay to kill someone. Now it`s just getting crazy. Is it really right to kill someone just because others want revenge and say it`s okay? It`s insane thinking, and we all agree with it because the multitude say it`s okay. Where`s the love in that? I bet you forgot what we originally were talking about? I`m just trying to give you a picture of how insane societies thinking has gotten.

What has brought all of this up is that I had a stroke in the year 2000, and an Angel came to me in the stroke ward of the hospital and healed me of my stroke among other ailments that I suffered from. When I got out of the hospital I decided to become a CNA. I went to school at a hospital where I met who is now my wife. She is left handed, as am I, and has the same middle name of Lee. A match made in heaven. This was no coincidence.

This is where I found out what true love is. True love is the deepest appreciation of who or what you love. We are all guilty of taking things that we love for granted. That is, until they`re gone. And then we say, what was I thinking? Donna and I are soulmates. I just know that before we both came to the earth plane that we agreed that we would find each other here to live out our destiny.

We both lived out some pretty horrible experiences before we found each other. We have found what Donna calls her rainbow. It is mine too. We even "had" a website called All of this led me to write a book, and I`m working on the sequel to it. They are not novels. They are about the truth, which society really needs to be enlightened about. I have done serious research on our universe, quantum physics, our reality, and the nature of God, whom I call "The All". I have made some mind bending realizations which I relate to you in my second book. In my studies, I went in depth on the near death experience. NDE`s as they`re refered to, are the experiences of people who have briefly died, gone to "The All`s" realm, and returned to their bodies to tell about this experience.

The first thing all of them tell about is this awesome, wonderful love that they are enveloped in when they first arrive there. Now I think it`s pretty darned fantastic for our Divine Intelligence to make up His realm out of nothing but the purest love, and that is what this article is leading to. So when we are in His realm, how are we to even comprehend this love unless we have something to compare it to? "Abra cadabra"-"presto". Welcome to the Earth realm of duality. Here we can experience all of the opposites of The Love Realm.

I believe that this is the hell that is so often reffered to in the Bible. It has to be. Think of all of the horrible things we get to experience here. And they are all the opposites of love. Oh, once in awhile we get to experience what we believe to be love, but I don`t think it`s anywhere near the love in His realm. But it is nice when you find it.

So all of this leads one on to think that we incarnate. And then we reincarnate. Yes, no matter how much you don`t want to believe it, we have all done this many times before, we just don`t remember it. One of "The All`s" greatest gifts to us is that of forgetfulness. There is nothing like having the full experience, is there? You can say you can imagine what it feels like to do something, but there is nothing like the full impact of the actual experience, is there?

And to take this one step farther, we all chose what body we were going to come here in for the "experience". We don`t realize it, but we`re all the same, just in different costumes. It is meant to give us the experience of individuality. But in actuality, we are all one. There is not "us" and "them". But somebody that was white got it in their head that they were superior to the black person, or any other person, for that fact. Boy, have we got a lot to learn! I myself, see no difference. We are all spirits having a human experience. And that`s that. I love us all.

So to bring this all to a point, the USA has the most powerful war machine on this planet, but there are other countries striving to keep up with us. And yes, if we keep it up, we will obliterate ourselves out of existence on the face of this earth once again. And yes, I am saying we have done it before, but there are those who just don`t want to believe it.

Why don`t we go into our creating mode again and create a "peace machine"? And then it would turn into a "LOVE MACHINE". Wouldn`t it be awesome? We know we can do it. It will just take someone to lead us there. A true leader. Is that asking too much? It`s our choice. Let`s get our thoughts combined and choose someone who can get us there, okay?

Note: Since I wrote this, Barack Obama has become President. Thank God. Now maybe we`ll get somewhere, because he is a great mind and knows how to think. Amen.