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Published:August 2nd, 2009 11:02 EST
A New Epoch for Evolution

A New Epoch for Evolution

By Richard Taylor

Since President Obama has come into office he has been ridiculed and showered with slanderous inuendo from the people who call themselves "the right", which leads me to believe they are Republicans, who also call themselves "conservatives". So let us stop for a second and define what they call themselves.

They say they are "the right" which makes anybody who doesn`t think like them "the left". And if you are on the left, you are "the wrong". Just what the heck makes them right? Just because a lot of people get together and agree on whatever they agree on doesn`t make them right. A lot of people got together and said it`s okay to put someone to death, the death penalty, but is it right? Who are we? God? That we can kill somebody just because the majority says it`s right?

And where else can you go and buy a cup of hot coffee and then spill it in your lap and sue the people who sold it to you and win the case because you were clumsy and had an accident? And you win the case because the cup didn`t say "hot" on it. I don`t know, where I go and get a cup of coffee I expect it to be hot.

Oh, and here`s a good one. We make it legal to go out and buy this poison called alcohol. That`s what the word alcohol means. Poison. And it`s physically addictive. It can also destroy your liver, kidneys, brain, and a whole host of other organs you need to live. And then we go out and "Black Out", drive and run into other cars, run people over and kill them, and a whole lot of other crazy things it makes you do, and we make it legal. Oh, I almost forgot, smoking will kill you too, so we have to make that legal. That seems to be the American theme. If it kills you, we`ll make it legal. But only if it kills you slowly.

But we have this other drug called marijauna that is not physically addictive, doesn`t make you have black outs, doesn`t ruin your internal organs, but the "popular consensus" is that it is evil and leads to other drugs. Like alcohol can`t? And all it does to you is make you feel good, have the munchies, and no matter how much of it you smoke you don`t black out. Now what is wrong with that? Is it "the right" that says it`s wrong?

And then they say it`s wrong to be gay or lesbian, by "popular consensus". Hey, love is love, and it`s our God given right to love, no matter who or what we love. There we go with playing God again and telling you who you can and can`t love. I thought this was America, you know, the land of the free.

And then there`s all the guns that we say we have the right to bear so we can have our children kill themselves with them when they find them, have more of our children go on a rampage through the schools and kill everybody because they`re mad about something, and gangs going around killing each other. And that`s just the beggining. The criminal element has more guns than we can even imagine. And we say we have "the right"?

There we go with "the right" again. If you read the constitution more carefully you will find that what our forefathers meant when they said to "own and bear" was that it was a time of turmoil in our country and you never knew when someone was going to invade and conquer you, so therefore you were "expected" to have a gun and come to the aide of your country if and when this ever happened. They didn`t mean you should own a gun to go out and rob a bank with or blow away somebody you didn`t like.

So you see America, and these are just a few examples. We have become insane and dysfunctional, and "the conservatives" want to conserve this and keep it this way at the cost of the lives of our "American citizens". How crazy and bizzare can we become. Wake up America. Do we want to be "conservatives" and keep America this way? You`ll always get what you`ve always got just by being a conservative. Obama is right. It`s time for change. Let us look back at where this line of "conservative" thinking came from.

Back in the colonial days the conservatives came from Great Britain. They were trying to escape the tyranny of the majority that ruled back then because they had a different idea of freedom. It was time for change, and they were going to do it even if it meant they had leave their great country. So they did. They came over here and founded America. There was great turmoil back then, so everyone was expected to own and bear arms to come to the aid of their new country. They had great thinkers, and that`s why we had the right to bear arms when they formulated the Constitution.

But in their minds back then, they were the elite. They were the upper echelon of their class of people. There were the middle class and the lower class, and different colors, but they were the best of them all and wanted to keep it that way. They were conservatives and wanted to keep it that way, because they were right, no matter what anybody said. Even clear back then. And it still applies to today. Only today they are known as Republicans. Somehow America got divided into Republicans and Democrats, and if it continues, America will fall. The rich, Republicans, get richer, and the middle class, Democrats, stay in survival mode. Is that about right? Does it sound like the America of today? Only the Democrats are thinkers. They want change. A way to make everybody equal. And to Republicans the Democrats became "the left", the wrong. The history of America can be said to stem from Great Britain. Could it be true?

Here`s a few things columnist John Hawkins of has had to say about Obama and he`ll probably try to sue me for telling the truth, but that`s the America I like to believe in, you know, the one of truth, not the one our lawyers and attorney`s will change the wording of to make them "right". There`s that word again. And to me that word is "relative". It`s all in what "you" think you are. And then they try to make it apply to everyone else.

#1   He starts off with cutting Obama about pulling out of the war on Iraq. First of all, doesn`t a foriegn country have to attack you first before you can call an action against them a "war"? What happened was some religious zealots got together and crashed jets into the World Trade towers. They just happened to be from Iraq. So then our illustrious leader creates a war against Iraq to the tune of 6 billion dollars a month. But not only that, to the tune of Amrican citizens going over there and getting killed by these zealots. Iraq doesn`t lay claim to these zealots, in fact, they find it reprehensible. What we really need to do is to arm and teach Iraq how to search out and stop these zealots. In fact, we could pay them to do this and it wouldn`t cost us 6 billion a month to do plus American lives. Where has America`s common sense gone to? America has forgotten how to "think". But then again, if it doesn`t say "hot" on your cup of hot coffee, you won`t know it`s hot.

#2   Then he says we`ll lose the hard earned gains by pulling out. First of all, if it really isn`t a war, it`s been all made up, and they say we`re losing the war there anyway, what gains have we made by invading their country? An attack by some religous zealots is a long way from being a war to begin with.

#3   Then he goes on to cut him about gay marriage. It`s funny. He doesn`t mention lesbian marriage. I guess if guys do it, it`s totally wrong, but if women do it, it`s okay. But I`ve already touched on that. How can we be opposed to love. It`s universal.

#4  Then it`s on to abortions. Here we go playing God again. I`ve done the research to realize that we don`t die, but that`s a hard one for America to accept because of its religous beliefs. Read the books by Dr. Kenneth Ring in the near death experience and you`ll see what I mean. And there are a lot of other ones out there. Come on America, read and start learning how to think again. All that is lost by an abortion is the opportunity for a conscious soul to come and have the "human experience". We haven`t killed anybody. But then again, we say it`s okay to kill somebody in our prison systems. What the heck.

#5   Then it`s on to Obama decriminalizing marijauna. I say let`s keep the alcohol, because marijuana doesn`t kill anyone. Isn`t that what America is about? Guns and alcohol and war? Look at all the killing we can accomplish with those things. Pot can`t hold a candle to that. And while we`re at it, what about the war on drugs? The DEA and Sheriffs narcotics department are corporations. Look at all the jobs the war on drugs creates. It`s big. I`m talking billions of dollars the government confiscates by dragging this war on. We let all of these really bad drugs like cocaine and heroine trickle in one way or the other and let our own American citizens become addicted and lose their lives to them because there`s big time money in it. Wake up America. Can`t you see what our own government is doing with our lives. And you can`t say it doesn`t affect you. Yes it does. It affects America right at it`s core. WE THE PEOPLE. If the government was really serious they would put the death penalty on the table for anyone caught dealing these drugs. If the drug dealers knew that if they get caught it would mean death, don`t you think they would go somewhere else? But that would mean we`d have to think again. Hello America!

#6  Obama gets bashed for wanting to stop world poverty? What is wrong with that. You wouldn`t say a thing if it was you that was poor and hungry all the time. But then again, America is full of conservatives. They like how things are. They don`t know how to "feel". It`s happening to the "other guy". Gee, that`s too bad. Sure am glad it`s not me. But it`s not, so screw them. We try to play God all the time, but that doesn`t sound like a God I would like to know.

#7  Big Government programs. He gets bashed for wanting to infrastructure the banks and a universal health care plan. Man, anything that`s good for middle class America gets hacked and chewed up. The well-to-do`s don`t care. They have no feelings, remember.

#8  Amnesty and your tax dollars for what we call "illegal aliens". God gave us this whole world to live on, but there we go again playing God and judging who can come to America and who can`t. It was okay for the imigrants that came here during the second world war, but what happened? Oh, I know. The war ended. So everyone who came here "during" the war is okay, but now it`s over and "we" own the states. But we can`t see that we can never own anything. We`ll die and somebody else gets to use it. That`s all. We can`t own it. And America refuses to see that all of those "illegal aliens" are the backbone of America. That do jobs that no American would do. And they do it for cheap. And there`s hundreds of Americans who hire them even though they know they are illegals. Obama at least wants to license them to drive. But no, we do everything to keep them illegal. Who are we? WAKE UP!

#9   Obama wants to ban the sale or transfer of semi-automatic weapons. What do we need semi-automatics for anyway? Are we going to use them to hunt deer with. No, but more than likely they will end up in the criminal elements hands and they can use them on us. We have made so many non-leathal weapons that will stop you in a heartbeat. Why do we need the ones that will kill you? Because that`s American, isn`t it? I`ve already presented my argument on guns. There is only one use for them, and that`s killing. We have so many other ways to protect ourselves, what do we need guns for? Oh, I forgot. To kill someone with. But the second amendment "says" we can have them. We have placed our beliefs in a constitution that was written for times long ago, but we have evolved. What do we do? Do we change things as Obama wants to do, Or do we conserve things and stay in this hell we have created. Now America, the choice is yours. Do you choose to wake up?

Let us give President Obama the chance to reconcile what we have become, and embrace the changes that need to happen in order for us to heal and become whole again. He has proven that he can think and has the great mind to do it.

Welcome to the world of the NOW. The Next Order of the World. LET US EVOLVE.