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Published:August 5th, 2009 17:17 EST
Take a Deep Breath Before You Write... Seriously

Take a Deep Breath Before You Write... Seriously

By Tony Graff

A very wise man once said to taste your words before you speak, because you never know which ones you`ll eat. I agree. In fact, I think this is great advise for anyone who enjoys blogging and writing. 

For example, you can find many an article about popular issues. Ask someone`s opinion of such an issue, and you run the chance of getting anything from the most debasing, crude manner of speech, to a well-presented idea of opinion that can be respected even if it is not agreed with. I fully back the philosophy that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I do not back the verbal assault that many people experience at the hands of writers and bloggers who can`t express their opinion with maturity. 

Further, when a person cannot formulate an opinion on their own, they quickly fill in the remainder with slander, gossip, and outright stupidity. To illustrate, take the word gay. That label alone is neutral, and commandeers no disrespect or stereotype. Yet I know as some people are reading this, their mind isn`t even seeing that word, but a myriad of words that are synonymous but inaccurate. Again, take the label Latter Day Saint. I figure one in three don`t even know what that phrase means, but as soon as they hear "Mormon," too many stereotypes and inaccuracies take place, ruining an opportunity to share opinions by replacing it with mud slinging. 

I`m not suggesting we all become politically correct that we lose what we want to say, but if you figure people will read it, make sure you have facts as a foundation of your opinion. Gossip, slander, and "Anti" information of any kind will only propogate stupidity. As humans, we are capable of better than that.