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Published:August 6th, 2009 13:17 EST
One of The Best Articles I Have Read in All My Life

One of The Best Articles I Have Read in All My Life

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Dear Tony,

I read your writing "Take a Deep Breath Before You Write... Seriously" with big interest. It is one of the best articles I have read in all my life and I congratulate you on your usage of English and intelligent, concise, direct, original and creative way of expressing yourself. What you say is true of course: some of us revert to slander and insult when we are short of words to express ourselves properly. Some of us even go further and fight physically. Newspapers are full of murder stories simply  because of lack of this.

On the other hand the word "gay", as far as it implies "homosexuality", arouses an anti- sentiment without a justified context and a true understanding of this human abnormality

This may be due to a pathologic disorder or a social/ psychological disorder.

The same with the terminologies like "Mormon" or "Muslim"  or  " Christian " or " Jew" .

Which ring wrong bells,  as these religions are among the most misunderstood issues of history, yet their contexts are clearly expressed in their books- unread properly, but well exploited by politicians, ignorance and profits.

Indeed, we must know always what we are talking or writing about - the more we know, the less chances of conflicts.

Since you are a Mormon, you may find my book SMALL MIRACLES of interest and a chapter in it on how Mormon missionaries helped me in my life once - one of the many small miracles in my life. My other writings on the SOP are under my name on the writer`s page. Several articles on religion may interest you.

I congratulate you once more on your article.


My best regards

Askin Ozcan