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Published:August 7th, 2009 21:44 EST
The theory of Everything - The Truth of Intelligent Design

The theory of Everything - The Truth of Intelligent Design

By Richard Taylor

My Theory Of Everything & The Truth Of Intelligent Design (As I see It)

Albert Einstein spent most of his life trying to prove a theory of everything but just couldn`t put his finger on it, as brilliant as he was. But as things evolve and we learn more things, the power of miracles steps in to help us out. I had a stroke nine years ago and had some miraculous events occur that cured me of it. Instead of being stuck in a nursing home I am back at work and also a writer as my pastime which led me to study the universe, quantum physics, our reality, the near death experience, and the nature of God. So let us get on with this.

The two things that physicists and scientists tend to overlook in their search is God, and the key element to our reality, our brain. Our brain tells us everything is real. It is the matrix of our experiences. And before you start thinking "Oh no, another religious fanatic", read on. This has nothing to do with religion. Religions are sets of belief systems, and people believe a whole lot of different things.

Some are rather crazy. So crazy in fact, that they have made up mythological stories that are really hard to believe, and then they go out and kill people in the name of God. And that is why science shuns even the mere thought of Intelligent design. But then again, how do you measure or test God? Easy. Just look around you. You see nature, and people, and all of everything. That is why I call Him "The All". Religions are but the rivers that lead to the ocean of "The All".

If science could overlook religion it would open their eyes to the real truth of who we are and what the mystery of life really is. That would be Intelligent Design. Religion has turned into corporations. It runs on the fear of God and the hope to life after death. And people pay them for this hope because religions get them to believe that the church is their salvation. I have discovered what the meaning of life is and hope to help science blend together spirituality and science to open new doors and understandings to what it`s all about. What we really are is spiritual beings having a human experience. And I must say this. We all think we enjoy freedom here in the states, but if we live in fear of something, we have never really been free. We are shackled by fear. And our government and religions put out a lot of that. But enough of that.

Through our evolution we have discovered the atom. Everything is made up of these tiny little things that make us up. So in essence, we are comprised of these atoms. Our bodies and everything around us. And these atoms don`t touch each other. There is a force around them that keeps them from doing this. And there is space between all of them. So we can`t be as solid as our brains are telling us we are.

Think of all the radio waves and cell phone waves shooting around out there. And they go right through the walls and ceilings of whatever building or vehicle you`re in. How does this happen? See, things aren`t as solid as our brains are telling us they are.

Our brains must be telling us falsities all the time in order for us to have the perfect illusion of a reality around us that isn`t quite what it appears to be. But you say no, it`s all real. I can see it and feel it and measure it, so it must be real. I must admit, it all seems real to me too, but I know it`s a trick of our brains. And why were our brains designed to trick us? There is intelligence behind that too. You mean we`re living a dream or something like the movie "The Matrix"? Okay, here is my theory, and I have done a lot of reading and pieced together the information out of all of this research I have done to put all of this together. The world is a stage and we are the players.

God, whom I refer to as "The All", was this vast ocean of consciousness. He knew that He "was", but what was that? He had to figure out a way that He could know this. Here He was, this divine being of intelligence, with no way of experiencing who He was. So He came up with this fantastic plan to achieve this. He withdrew upon Himself to a singularity and blew his consciousness up. This was the Big Bang our scientists talk about. He went everywhere. So in doing this, He created a way for him to experience and knows who He is through us. We are His consciousness, but not connected in a way that we can tell, but we are connected. Everything is a vibration of energy. When this vibration slows down it becomes physical.

That is why when physicists do tests with particles and they shoot one off in one direction and another in the opposite and they affect ones direction with a magnetic field, the other one is affected in the same way, and it`s not even there. It`s connected in some strange way. The reason why is it`s part of "The All". I like to think of Him as mercury. When it gets separated and you bring it close to another blob of it, it reunites in some magical way. Kinda neat, huh? 

Here is another thing to think about. We used to believe that when we do an experiment of some sort that we are merely the observer. Not anymore. I have made the realization that we are participating in the experiment. I have come to the conclusion that our consciousness actualizes all of the atoms and subatomic particles into existence. So it really comes down to what our consciousness believes is going to happen. Our belief is so much more powerful than we choose to believe.

And now physicists are talking about parallel universes, and here is my take on that. During this Big Bang "The All" had to create all of the possibilities for things to happen so He, who is us, can experience them all. He loves diversity, don`t you think? Look at all the different people He created. So all of the possibilities for things to happen are there. They have already happened. Now all that is needed is our consciousness and our belief to actualize (collapse the quantum field) whatever event we believe will happen. It`s the many worlds theory physicists always talk about. The multi-universe. The physicists and astronomers don`t realize that their consciousness, through their belief, is what is bringing the universe into existence. Read "The Holographic Universe" to learn more.

And that doesn`t even count all of the HEBs. You call them aliens. I call them Highly Evolved Beings. And yes, that means all of the UFO`s we see that the governments keep telling us is a figment of our imagination. And they aren`t here to conquer us and take away our world. They would have done that a long time ago. They just are keeping tabs on us so we don`t blow ourselves up again.

Oh, did I say again? Yes. We have done this before. But before we get into that, let`s finish up parallels. So "The All" creates all of these different ways to experience life, and He manages to be able to keep one of His greatest gifts to us included in the package. Free Will. Yes, we get to choose our way of experience throughout this life. And the way He does that is the fact that time doesn`t exist. Now you`re going to call me crazy and say of course it exists. Well, I agree to a certain extent. Yes, it exists, but only because our brains make it exist. Time is the function of the matrix, which is our brain. See what a wonderful thing "The All" did when He created our brains? Now be honest with yourself, and tell me you have never done any drugs or alcohol, and time didn`t change. Have you ever had an accident where time seemed to slow down and you could see minute details. Time is a function of the brain.

I watched a physicist do a series on time, but I don`t know if he realizes yet just what he proved. Time is relative. It`s our experience that makes it up. Think of it this way. People say time passes them by. Really, it`s you that passes through time. Time is static. You are going through these corridors of time, and no two are alike. Pretty mind bending, huh? So you can say that consciousness makes time exist. And depending on what our choice is, that is what decides what time corridor you go through

I know this all sounds kind of mystical and fairy tale like, but it`s actually the way things are, even if we don`t realize it. It makes the perfect illusion.

 Now we`ll get on to why we have done this before. For the billions of years science has said the universe has been in existence, what have we been doing? We`ve been experiencing life so "The All" can know himself experientially. And then you say, why am I telling you all of this? So we all can wake up and evolve and become more than we ever imagined we could be. Look at all the leaps and bounds technology has made. And where is it going to lead?

Read some near death experience books and you will come to find out that we don`t die. We come to this physical realm, take on a body, live a life full of experiences, and then we leave it when it expires and go back to "The All`s" realm and merge with Him, like mercury, and then we get to have our life review. In this life review we see in panoramic vision, and how can we do that when we don`t even have any eyes? It`s mind sight. In this review we see and feel everything we have done to anybody else. People say God is going to judge you for the things you have done, but it`s not like that. You are the judge of yourself. There are beings of light with you when you have your review to comfort you when you come to the bad things you might have done to others.

You say, what does this review accomplish? It lets you evolve by learning what it is like to be the other person getting something bad done to him. And yes, we have done this many times over. Another of "The All`s" greatest gifts to us is forgetfulness. That`s why we don`t remember previous lives, because if we did, we would lose the experience. There is nothing like the full impact of the experience. Sure, you can say you know what it must feel like to run your car into a brick wall, but until you have actually done it, you don`t really know what it would feel like. See, there is nothing like the experience, and it`s what we`re  doing here. Experiencing. And we get to do it as many times as we like.

And who knows how many different planets we`ve been to and how many different beings we have been. The possibilities are endless. Out of the billions of stars, planets, and solar systems out in the universe, can we honestly think we are the only ones in existence? That Earth is the only one that achieved life? I say we are silly to think so. What have we been doing for the billions of years we say the universe has existed? Okay, I must fess up. The reason why I can say all of this is because when I suffered my stroke I had a supernatural experience. It woke me up to who we are. To see me now you would never know I had suffered one. All I know is that we are much more than we want to believe we are, no matter what our religions say. And there is a whole lot more "out there". Let`s wake up and go experience it. Let`s explore all the possibilities.

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