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Published:August 18th, 2009 18:55 EST
Fear The Bird

Fear The Bird

By Rouben Alikian

Are you free? Do you even know what free means? I don`t, because there are so many of its interpretations. When man first stood and walked from his cave, I wonder what he saw. The world in its unspoiled beauty was before him, all its dangers, perils, secrets and promises just waiting to be discovered.


 It must have been frightening to walk with the giants of the past, to hunt and kill them for survival with whatever meager comprehension of pride we had back then. But, then, man did not know what freedom truly was, because he lived it in every day, every moment of it, walking without restrictions, thinking of nothing, regretting nothing. And yet, we imprisoned ourselves, no one else. We are responsible for all the evils that plague us, starting with the very basic of them all, knowledge.


 Imprisonment in the cage of our own mind is exactly what the loss of freedom is. Once we know what truly is out there, beyond the door or porch of our humble cradles, freedom is lost, because only full ignorance to everything is the meaning of freedom. The moment we embrace truth and knowledge in its very different aspects, every face and side of it, we lose everything that would have made blissful our dumb existence.


 Was it not truly said that the righteous shall inherit the Earth? But what is righteousness other than forsaking the binds of ignorance for all while forsaking your freedom just to secure the blissful existence of others? And yet, how will they exist in admiration of their own creation and perpetuation without knowing what to perpetuate for? Is it truly a life worth living if you do not know what lies beyond that door and are afraid to open it?


 Can you leave into the unknown and hear someone scream until the voice turns out to be your own? Struggling in this emotional hell, you understand that no matter where you go, the binds of an emotional hell are always with you, a byproduct of our advance beyond the door like a parasitic splinter in our minds. One time in life is all you need to satisfy your senses while the feeble minded defenses of that very blissful existence in a delusional reality you call home perish under the weight of understanding just how bound you are to everything from your own demons to the very air you breathe.


 Only the hopeless will march off into the oblivion of a delusional perception that they are free while in reality, you with open eyes will see just how bound you truly are to the very feeble flesh that holds your raging spirit. That soul inside of you yearns for lust and power, for knowledge, for a release from this pathetic excuse of a sad blip in existence that you call life. You want more, more love, more passion, more power, more knowledge and everything that can be thought of as a virtue desirable by man to the limit of supernatural strength.


 That is when the bubble bursts and some raise their heads above the soothing waters of a forceful idea imposed by others that we are free to do what we will with our lives, destroy or build them. But when the chain of manipulation is shattered, the damned, the forsaken, the abandoned and the mistreated shall rise and they will march like an army of angry demons against puppeteering heaven that sits on top of the moor overlooking what lies beneath. Meanwhile, in the calm lake of a pacified human mind, the waters of ignorance and lies soak off the battered, shining armor of the damned as hate and hunger for more freedom in their new minds seek to reflect themselves in the sun`s eyes.


 The battle begins, very human screams and blood soaks the streets, greasing them with tears and agony of our fellow beings so others may have a brief taste of what one might call a release from madness and the beginning of that path to enlightenment in the shining disk of an unreal ideal called freedom. War rages and subsides until all are dead and the setting sun illuminates their corpses as one last survivor plunges a broken blade into the mangled body of his fallen enemy, silencing his breathing of blasphemous ideas that he had imposed like a net over the lake of minds before.


 Now, with all said and done, he, The One, blood drenched, takes his place on the throne of power, ruling all below, casting his own net into the lake to catch the minds of those within it with his own ideas by giving them a glimpse into a forbidden light before spreading the darkness all around them once again.


 Do you really believe that he who leads you into battle under the pretext of a greater good for all is doing it to suit your benefits? Are you that naïve to trust someone who is prepared to shed your blood for a better future where only one will rule by the reins of power in his hands? How do you know that what you will be vanquishing is better than what you carry as your banner? What guarantee do you have that he who drives you forth into battle will keep his promise?


 The truth is, none of us are free. Look around you. Laws, regulations, codes, sets of conduct, rules about how to feel, act, sleep, love and hate. How are we free anymore? To what extent does your freedom go? The free will of going to the bathroom when you wish, because other than that, your choices are already limited by millions of factors starting from you financial means, religion, social status, conscience, moral convictions, constitution, the fear of punishment, justice, laws and the list goes on and on. If you do not have the means, would you risk buying that new car? How are you free now?


 There is a system hanging over our heads, one we built and helped position, and now it is that very system that controls our lives, but even you know that with every day, that net gets tighter and tighter around your throat, making living all the more difficult and unpleasant until the moment comes when you want to hide right back into the hole you came from where ignorance is bliss.


 None of us are free as there are forces above us that see it fit to shower the population with subliminal messaging of freedom and democracy, safety and security. But once again, look around you. Try talking of security to the murder victims in the morgues. Try giving comfort to those who should be shining with youth and life as they slumber in graves.


 Democracy in a sense, is nothing more than a dictatorship where instead of a single tyrant, you have many, chosen by you or not even you, who will decide your fate, not with a single iron hand, but with the long arm of the law. Instead of troops patrolling your streets to keep you silent, you now have laws and regulations, justice as they call it, or even order ".


Instead of a single worshipped entity poking its grotesque head on the screens every day, you have misshapen mouths talking of peace and stability while slithering their way into your mind with venomous words of promise trying to buy your vote. For the vote is the coin of our new realm in ignorance reborn.


 You are obedient, submissive and at the wave of a pen, you can be brought into submission or removed for saying the truth. Many now fear to speak the truth and even fewer dare think it, because that is what we have become, a society built on fear and blind allegiance to shifting leaders and even shiftier laws that get more and more strained every now and then to cut just a little more freedom from your already tiny morsel of mental mobility.


 Have you ever heard a string get twisted around the pegs of a guitar so tight that it sounds like a moaning scream? Well, the string is already there for the many wrongfully accused and thrown to the wolves by those very laws and leaders, for speaking the truth. You are not free, because you are bound to reality where you elect who robs you and determines how long your leash is.


 But, freedom is not always an elusive butterfly hovering in the ravings of some deluded psychopath dreaming of a better life to lead according to his own laws. Sometimes, freedom can be found where your last vestige of it truly lies, in your own heart and your own privacy. Whatever is left of it.


How is it not being free to choose whom to love if that is even a choice if not a predetermined chemical reaction of specific pheromonal markers acting in accordance of compatibility between two people? But, leaving all those speculations behind, just accept for one moment that it is your choice to love and hate whom you wish and pretend to enjoy the moment that may not last forever as nothing does in this world of constantly changing ideals and ever decaying morals where one can raise his hand on beauty to snuff it from this world for his own sick amusement.