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Published:August 18th, 2009 10:55 EST
Why I Write; Or How to Be a God

Why I Write; Or How to Be a God

By Tony Graff

Since I consider myself a writer, though still unpublished, I have been asked with increased frequency why I consider this a label I give myself with eagerness. This has been written to answer this. The simple answer, and one that definitely requires explanation is this: when I write, I am God.

                See? That one requires explanation, so here goes. When I say I am God when I write, I am not saying that I am the Deity that billions are praying to for their salvation in the world, but that I am the God of the world I create in the stories I write. When I write, I am empowered. In this world I have created, I do have the studio apartment designed exactly the way I want it. I have my dream car, an El Camino, and I look and feel the way I want to, from the sideburns that refuse to grow in reality to the shoes and clothing I wear. I can even dance well in this world. I control it. In this world, which I visit frequently, and could even call my writings my travelogue of this world, things are the way I want them to be. If I travel to a shop in this world, it wouldn`t surprise me for the cashier to be a centaur, and griping of his job to a kodama, who nods in agreement. All I read, watch, listen to, and doodle build a greater world to explore, where anything can be melded and melted together.

                This occurred once during a college course entitled the Heroic Journey. After a long, one-sided discussion on the themes and purposes behind Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a fellow student raised his hand and posed this question: Why did the Green Knight do what he did? In formulating my own answer, I decided that the Green Knight`s reasoning was not unlike the Joker`s and his influencing Harvey Dent. He wanted to see that someone good and pure could fall, with a side of just wanting to watch the world burn. Instantly, in my world, a trans-provincial meeting took place, where the characters from the Dark Knight movie "a masterpiece in my mind " met Sir Gawain and his nemesis the Green Knight. Points were discussed, at a café and the parallels came out in abundance.

                Further, if something happens to characters in my stories, it is because I created them, and put them in this situation. From social situations to any level of oddity that stirs the intrigue and plot further. When something happens, I hear the music that fits it, and enhances the experience I intend to capture in written format. While this is empowering, it frequently leaves me feeling distraught that I cannot describe this world with the fluidity and clarity that I see it.

                The second problem I face being the God of this world is that there are people from reality there. In the Reality, people are a certain way, and I cannot control that. In my world, they do exist, but they can be very different from what they actually are. From physical structure to their hair color, everything I saw in others can now be manipulated to my specifications. People who frequent my writings and views of my World have found themselves in it, and more often than not, don`t wholly like how they are portrayed in my world. They try to recreate my world, or coerce me to change my world. Try asking your God to do that. Unless change will bring about a greater good, it won`t happen. Same here.

                Call it blasphemous should you desire to, I largely don`t care. Some people are empowered by running, or by reprogramming computers or learning about IEDs. Me, I am empowered when I write, and when I commune with what I created.