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Published:August 25th, 2009 21:29 EST
It`s Pretty Obvious That Our Culture is Sex-Obsessed

It`s Pretty Obvious That Our Culture is Sex-Obsessed

By S. D.

It`s pretty obvious that our culture is extremely sex-obsessed. We see messages with sexual undertones every day, by watching TV advertisements, seeing billboards, and even reading comics in the daily newspaper. It`s part of our daily routine.

Yet, sex shouldn`t be cheap. It shouldn`t be something you can put a price tag on, or something that can be used and abused to further every gain. As we all know, though, it often is used in this manner.


But when sex, the basis for our survival, is cheapened so are people as a whole. And that needs some changing. We need to take away the general prostitution of our culture and leave that to those who are specifically in the business.

On the other hand, though, nor is sex something immoral or even meant to be kept private at all times.

We are animals. Yes, it`s true, we are in a way "better" than most other animals because we are able to reason and think in ways they can`t. But that doesn`t mean our ability to reason completely cancels out our natural instincts" the most important of which is sex, because without it we`d have been extinct a long time ago. I`m not even talking about procreation. I`m talking about how we all desire love, acceptance, and true intimacy and it is often sex that makes us able to realize those things... things that give us the will to continue living.

Yet prudish minds and religious fanatics have corrupted sex. They have made it seem dirty and wrong and immoral when it is none of these things. They have written rules for nature, for something that is not meant to have rules" saying that sex must be monogamous, that a large religious ritual must first take place before it can be performed, that having sex in certain ways or finding it too pleasurable is wrong. And that those people who break these rules created by man, not nature, are somehow disgusting and will be punished for their "crimes."

Pfft. The creation of these rules is the only crime committed here. And the punishment for it? Our society becoming obsessed with sex, because it was so long deprived of it. Our society changing sex from being so expensive that it would cost us our very human nature to have it to something practically worthless and found anywhere.

We need to find a median of some sort. Sex cannot be governed by an endless list of rules, but nor can it be completely devalued. Personally, I feel that sex in the private arena is most appropriate when it`s an expression of love, and in the public arena when it`s done tastefully, as art (even when advertising something), but perhaps that just makes me a hopeless romantic.

I don`t think sex is meant to be completely private, though. It needs to be seen and discussed for the sake of sex itself. For the sake of educating people" for the sake of finding that median and making the stigma towards it generally better.

Sex is innately beautiful, and necessary, and good. It is only our society that has made it seem otherwise.

We can change that, though. How, I`m not sure, but I have a feeling it has to do with us working together and educating each other.

And remembering that really, sex is good.