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Published:August 26th, 2009 19:29 EST
Nudity Shouldn't Be Taboo

Nudity Shouldn't Be Taboo

By S. D.

It seems that our American society really has something against the naked human body. Sure, there are implications of sex and nudity everywhere, even in normal advertisements on TV, but if we see a still shot of the naked body, it somehow becomes extremely taboo.

This might be somewhat random, but - have you ever noticed how movies are rated? If there are people hitting each other, or even shooting at each other (I`m imagining green cartoon-like lasers here), that`s often something that can earn a PG - or even a G - rating. Even in more adult movies, as long as they`re not too Scorsese-like, you can pretty much stick to PG-13. And I don`t think I`ve ever heard of a movie without some form of nudity that`s been rated NC-17.

And yet... It seems that even with the barest hint of more private skin showing, you`re going to have a movie rated at the very least PG, probably borderline PG-13. Add in a hint of sexuality - say, a kissing scene in which people are starting to get undressed near a bed, and you`ve pretty much guaranteed something close to an R. And movies rated NC-17 are because of the very naked sex taking place in them... nothing else.

I know that`s only one comparison, but this sort of thing implies that violence is somehow less... bad, I suppose, compared to nudity.

But I really don`t understand how that could possibly be true. (Enlighten me if you do.) Nudity is something so natural, so normal... something that all creatures except humans (and the occasional dog) live in. It`s beautiful, so lovely... Violence, on the other hand, springs out of... disagreement. Out of hate.

I feel that our society is sort of... embarrassed by the beauty of nudity. Maybe even afraid of it. Afraid that perhaps showing off pictures such as the ones in aleesuhnmuhree`s post will make us want to explore it more, and maybe in turn... become more sexual?

I really don`t know.

I guess what I`m trying to say is this:

Society, don`t be so afraid. Don`t be so ashamed. Don`t try so hard to constrain people, and don`t allow yourself to be constrained. It`s okay to be naked. It`s nice to be naked. It`s admirable to be naked.

And in the words of Pope John Paul II:

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"The human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendor and its beauty... Nakedness, as such, is not to be equated with physical shamelessness."