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Published:August 29th, 2009 21:55 EST
Compassion Robs Justice - Justice Left Naked and Ashamed

Compassion Robs Justice - Justice Left Naked and Ashamed

By Clayton S. Jeppsen

Libyan patriots` wave flags for the return of hometown hero Abdel Baset al-Megrahi - a fitting welcome for the bombing architect of Pan Am flight 103 that claimed the lives of 270 innocent people.


Bleeding hearts cheer the release of suspected 9/11 terrorists as they saunter the shores of paradise in Bermuda.


The Maricopa County, Arizona justice system jumps to the aid of four Liberian boys who successively rape an eight-year-old girl because the act is acceptable in their country.


When compassion is shown towards the wrong people it loses all savor and must be redefined. Compassion was meant for the victim. In every sense, compassion can only be imparted by the victim. If this isn`t the case, then it isn`t compassion at all, it is pure injustice.  


These epic examples of injustice are emerging more often than not these days. And they`re no longer dressed in black in the dark of night. They are happening mid-day within the walls of our justice systems. The obsession of compassion for the bad guy is nauseating. When criminals no longer fear their consequences and victims have nowhere to turn we have successfully destroyed the work of our Founding Fathers the bulwark of liberty is lost.


Get ready as the bleeding hearts flip our nation upside down in a tempest sea. Grab your life jackets or learn to swim. I`m not typically an alarmist, but I am a Boy Scout, whose motto has always been Be Prepared!  The way I see it, criminals should be treated like the Somali Pirates who tried to board the American vessel. And victims should be treated like the captain we brought home not vice-versa!