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Published:August 29th, 2009 20:23 EST
The Right to Complain Ignored

The Right to Complain Ignored

By W. C. Hewitt

Complaining has since the dawn of history been taken for granted and those that have excelled have always been labelled with rhetoric labels that personify their ability to grieve.


Most importantly are those cantankerous, libellous individuals who take it upon themselves to point out all the common place irritants that seem to hamper our present society.


I will admit to applauding their tenacity in most cases and how well crafted they have atoned this rarely appreciated art form. An "art form` you say? But of course, it has to be. The oft ignored skill to be able to identify and single out an uncomfortable thorn in one`s side then create a logical or illogical argument to remedy the itch while in quest for a solution is damned near Homeric.


Without these spicy adjudicators I fear we would have to suffer the effects of a mundane and typically one dimensional social structure. Man has an individual right to complain but so few take heed.