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Published:August 30th, 2009 11:38 EST
The Affair - Man and Mother Earth

The Affair - Man and Mother Earth

By Clayton S. Jeppsen

A young man gets down on one knee and presents a diamond to the girl of his dreams. A woman looks into the monitor of her PC and presses send as her life work and ambition turns into a million dollars. A pilot rips through the sky at mock speed in an F-22 fighter jet. And a deaf man pops a device into his ear and listens to a bird sing for the very first time. What do these statements have in common? What allows these peoples dreams to materialize? The answer is simple, but shocking - a mineral. That`s right, a compound substance plucked from the belly of mother earth and molded by the hands of man. What is it that frightens so many people about using the earth? Loving the earth doesn`t mean leaving it alone. Imagine being in a relationship and being left completely alone, completely untouched. A person wants to feel needed; they want to be tapped for that which they are good at. It makes them feel alive. The earth is the same way, by exploring and discovering its treasures and amenities it is only going to flourish not diminish.      

       Why are there those who openly panic at the thought of mining the earth, enjoying its resources and studying its composition. The benefits of copper,coal, uranium, and other finite resources are remarkably engraved into our life styles. I enjoy typing on my computer. I enjoy watching the Office, 24, and Dancing With the Stars on my TV. I enjoy talking with my wife on my cell phone when I am away and finally, I enjoy relaxing, listening to classical music on my I-pod as I ponder all the reasons why life is so great and the sacrifices it takes to get there. Are the whiners and complainers enjoying any of these benifits or are they willing to transpose themselves back to the stone ages? 


     I hope you will take a second look at the immense profits and advantages of modern day mining. The advantages in the medical field, international defense strategies, the automobile industries, the entertainment business, agricultural production and education, will come to a screeching halt if we allow naysayers to impede this technology " a technology that good nations thrive on. Yes, we take but we give, we use but we validate and define the relationship between earth and man.