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Published:September 5th, 2009 16:10 EST
Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy To Pose For Playgirl

Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy To Pose For Playgirl

By Robert Paul Reyes



"Burgeoning g*y icon Levi Johnston has decided to accept an offer to pose for Playgirl - the only catch is that he won`t be fully nude. reported today that an agreement has been reached for Johnston to pose in his skivvies for and the final details currently are being hammered out."

Levi is not the most sophisticated person in the world and he probably doesn`t realize that Playgirl is only available online , and that it`s targeted to a g*y male audience.

Levi is probably fantasizing that millions of hot girls will be ogling his spread in Playgirl. I hope that his manager lets the deluded redneck know that Playgirl has a 99.99 g*y male readership.

I could care less that Levi has accepted the offer from Playgirl, I`m still praying that Sarah Palin will accept that proposal to star in an adult movie.