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Published:September 17th, 2009 20:59 EST

Shot Through the Stars and Stripes

By Clayton S. Jeppsen

In November of 1991, President Richard Nixon made the following statement at the Ronald Reagan Llibrary dedication, thirty-two years ago in Moscow, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev said to me, `Your grandchildren will live under communism.` I replied, `Your grandchildren will live in freedom."  In this skirmish the prize went to Richard Nixon when Nakita Kruschev`s son, Sergei, became a United States citizen in 1999. Now, when you`re done purring like a satisfied kitten over an empty bowl of milk, consider this; today Barrack Obama cancelled the Eastern European missile defense shield in Poland that was put forth by the Bush administration. Besides pinning a faithful ally to the clothesline, the Obama administration is sending a message to the American people that we no longer need to worry about the Motherland, despite Putin`s recent shifts back to the old trusty bottle of communism.


Today`s cut is one of numerous defense cuts by the Obama administration, including the scrapping of our most effective fighter/bomber jet with nuclear capabilities, the F-22. But the ironic timing of this cut is: Iran announced today that they now have the capability to create and launch a nuclear missile. This Polish missile defense shield would protect Eastern Europe from Russia and Israel from the Middle East.


Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves as the bulwark of democracy is being leveled and ideas of socialism and communism are entertaining liberal minds.  Halloween is approaching us. I bet if you took a stroll through the Novodevichy Cemetary in Moscow you would not hear one Bolshevik not rolling over in his grave, but pounding his communist fist against the side of his coffin saying, "I told that damn Yankee!!!"  Who might that be? Nakita Kruschev. Get with it, fellow Americans, "if that`s still what you want to be called.