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Published:September 23rd, 2009 16:14 EST
Just Add Zombies

Just Add Zombies

By Tony Graff

With the advancing of the movie Zombieland to Theaters, I`ve been noticing more and more that zombies will always make things just a little more popular. Humorous as that may be, the undead have been invading a lot more than the movie screen. Even to the extent that a convention I went to featured a crocheted Zombie doll, complete with brain matter on display. 

Perusing through Borders, my eyes hit a snag on what I thought was the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice. The cover told me otherwise. What I was holding was in fact Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where the whole story of Pride and Prejudice is rewritten with the addition of Zombies. Beside it on what I soon discovered was the table displaying the weird, wacky, and fun, was a book entitled Zombie Haiku. Japanese poetry couldn`t even protect themselves from the zombie horde. Even marketing didn`t hold up against so many zombies, with the book Z. E. O. Beside that is the realistic read "Zombie Survival Handbook."

Now, I am not pointing this out as a negative thing. I find it funny. Among the most popular games out right now, zombie games like Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, House of the Dead, Silent Hill, and Wolfenstein are always big sellers. 

Board games also have had their share of zombie infestation, with ZombieTown, Zombies!!!, Munchkin Bites, and others. I myself have played all of them, and found it enjoyable, though made the players prone to rasping out a desire to eat another player`s brains while holding the figurine of a zombie. 

Think of the economy boost we could have if more companies could pick up on this wonderful marketing tool. Just think of how popular the iZombie would be, or the George Foreman Zombie Grill, which will grill the image of a zombie onto your now healthily grilled burger. Make an adult Happy Meal, complete with zombie toys. has the idea, selling their Dismember-Me Zombie doll, where all the limbs and brains are attached by velcro and can be rearranged at the owner`s slightest whim. I daresay that President Obama could up his ratings if he were seen watching a movie featuring the undead. It`s just that cool.

So the question comes up: WHY? Why do we love zombies, with their guts hanging out and missing limbs? My best guess is that it lets us be as destructive as we want. It`s not like they can feel it. Zombies are always the bad guy. I`m still waiting for a game where a zombie is the main character. Even that would probably sell pretty well. I`d buy it.