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Published:September 24th, 2009 16:12 EST
Lady Awarded 200K For Being Tased By Cop

Lady Awarded 200K For Being Tased By Cop

By Robert Paul Reyes

"What started as a dinner out with her husband and friends in downtown Minneapolis ended with a Plymouth woman handcuffed, on the receiving end of a Taser shot and barefoot in a jail cell for at least three hours.

On Monday, Sandra Brown`s lawsuit from the Oct. 8, 2005, incident was settled with an agreement from Golden Valley to pay her $200,000 for her federal civil rights and excessive-force claims. Brown, 57, said she suffered bruises on her wrists and arm and went on anti-anxiety medicine for the first time in her life after the incident. She said she remains wary of police." Read More

Recently cops have gone Taser-happy, and municipalities need to introduce regulations strictly limiting the use of this dangerous weapon.

There is a tendency for lazy or overweight police officers to tase a suspect instead of trying to physically subdue her. When Sandra Brown was arrested she wasn`t drunk or belligerent, a cop tased her because she wouldn`t put her cell phone down. Brown was calling 911 because she was frightened by the officer`s aggression.

The city didn`t admit any wrongdoing in the settlement, but as her lawyer declared "$200,000 sounds like an admission of misconduct to me."

That`s a lot of money, and it might inspire some dude to scream "Tase me bro!"