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Published:October 19th, 2009 14:56 EST
Up, Up, and Away:Balloon Drama in the Sky a Hoax? Or Reality?

Up, Up, and Away:Balloon Drama in the Sky a Hoax? Or Reality?

By Ron G Anselm


     Last week most of the country was interrupted during their Soap Opera show time to watch a balloon shaped like a flying saucer  stream through the sky as if it were a piece of paper drifting in the wind. A storm chaser, Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi Heene decided to shoot a backyard home video of a balloon being tested. There was no reason mentioned as to why there was a test of the balloon but for whatever reason the test was taking place and during the test, they said the balloon was only supposed to be floating or hovering only fifty or so feet above the ground, the test did not go that way.

     As we all know if we watch the nightly news, this balloon`s so called test, resulted in a massive chase by authorities and even involved the military trying to hunt down the balloon and halted all air traffic in that general area as it streamed across the sky in route to nowhere. The worry was that the couples six-year old son, Falcon was aboard the balloon as the balloon flew like an eagle soaring towards its prey, wherever that may have been.

     At first, the general thought was that maybe the balloon got away from the Heene`s as they performed their so called harmless test. Later, the Sheriff`s department said they are pursuing criminal charges against the couple. If this is the case and there is evidence that this was not a harmless test but a way to maybe get attention? Or, maybe play a funny which is not funny practical joke? For whatever the reason would be for sending a balloon up, up and away and then say that your six year old son is in the balloon is just very disturbing to me.

     If this couple wanted to get attention, why didn`t they just set their house on fire and then call 911 and say, Hey, help me, my house is burning down " Unbelievable! It`s not like the authorities or the military had anything else to do but to respond to a balloon with a kid supposedly aboard it flying out of control high in the sky if this was not reality but a hoax. I even saw a little footage where some lady called 911 and said she saw a flying saucer in the sky. The 911 operator responded in a monotone voice, A Flying Saucer? "

     Now, I am not saying that this was a hoax and that this was not really a test that the Heene`s were performing in their backyard or that maybe the test did go wrong but for whatever reason because I don`t really know the real reason and am not forming my personal opinion, but if it does turn out to be a hoax and the evidence points in the direction of a hoax, then, again unbelievable! If people have this much time on their hands to think up a dumb and stupid idea like this to accomplish who knows what?  Then, I can surely say that I have just about seen it all.

     I just heard on the nightly news that part of the possible reason for sending the flying saucer looking balloon up is that Richard Heene has been working on getting back on television to do a reality television show and this may have been a publicity stunt to get him back onto reality television. I don`t know if this is true or not and again I am not saying it is because I really do not know, or care but if it is the reason then, has Donald Trump would say, You`re Fired! No more reality T.V. for you!

     I have seen other instances where people have thought up other dumb ideas; (I can say not as stupid as sending a balloon drifting away but close), where they have wasted the authorities time and the tax payers money. My cousin was a police officer in the Los Angeles Police Department in the early 1980s and he would tell me some of the most ignorant stories people would do which even when I was a kid listening to those stories were funny to me. Stories like people trying to teach their kid how to dial 911 in case of an emergency and then really dialing 911 and have the Los Angeles Police come to their residence and then say, See Bobby, this is what will happen when you dial 911, the nice police men will come and save you. "

Dude, Come on! Get a clue!

     I am glad to see that there are now repercussions for people that do dumb things that waste the time of the police, fire department, ambulance or military and any other first responder`s time. What do these types of people think? After the authorities find out that they were just called to a fake emergency that the authorities are just going to sit back and laugh and say, Good one, you really got us on this one. " I don`t think so!

     Maybe, for the people that perform these types of dumb stunts, after they pay their dues for their actions to have them go around on sort of a community service " program and lecture other people on how not to do the same dumb things they did, hey, sort of like Michael Vick is doing now.

     In all honesty and in all seriousness, the first responders that have to go out and answer any and every call of 911 or an emergency by the general public put themselves in harm`s way every time they put on the uniform and go to work. To have some people that may think it is funny or those same people that are too dumb to realize, or have no disregard to put the emergency crews in harm`s way to save their behind on a fake emergency, there really are no words to describe their actions.

     Hopefully, this does not turn out to be a hoax and if not, then maybe next time these people need to be more careful when performing balloon tests, but if it does turn out to be a hoax, then all I can say is; again, UNBELIVABLE!