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Published:November 22nd, 2009 20:49 EST
Where Did Michael Jackson Go?

Where Did Michael Jackson Go?

By Henry Ocansey


Where do we go when we die? If it is nowhere, then what is the point of being born at all? Of course the common and traditional answer to the question would be "heaven", but heaven seems so far away, and I get the impression many people do not even feel like they belong there. And what in the world will we be doing in heaven, when we are so used to a physical and material world? Many people I have spoken to were not sure where anyone goes when they die.

 Michael Jackson

You would think that famous personalities would never want to die, because they probably lose their fame and prestige in the next world. And of course that is assuming they make it there at all. I can`t imagine Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk in heaven, but I can imagine him in one of his eloquent, royal outfits. Those in heaven will probably never treat anyone as a celebrity. The concept does not seem to fit with the image of heaven. If we do ascend to heaven, we will have a completely different mindset and lifestyle, which will take some getting used to.

 There is a great disparity between nine months in the womb and actually being born and crawling on solid ground. So then, I suppose we should also expect a major transformation if we die and indeed wake up once again in the next world.