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Published:December 30th, 2009 10:33 EST
Susan Powell Case Stalls, Social Media Picks Up the Pieces

Susan Powell Case Stalls, Social Media Picks Up the Pieces

By John G. Kays

New information in the missing persons case of Susan Powell is scarce. Speculation on the internet and TV suggests that the West Valley Police are carefully making their case. This kind of media blitz is nothing like anything that they have ever experienced. They feel the pressure and must get it right, a picture perfect investigation.


State court clerks confirmed on Monday that search warrants in the Powell case have been sealed. The Salt Lake Tribune has filed a motion to have the warrants opened. Michael O`Brian, a Tribune attorney, said: Access is especially important in prominent cases, such as the Powell case, because the public is paying more attention to how well court and law enforcement systems work in such cases. " (Warrants sealed in Susan Powell case, newspaper plans challenge by Nate Carlisle and Brooke Adams-The Salt Lake Tribune-12/29/2009)


The police had issued three search warrants, two were at the Powell home and one was to draw blood and other biological samples from "the person of interest,` husband Joshua Powell. The contents of the warrants should be made public after 20 days, but the tension is mounting to make an arrest. (ibid-The Salt Lake Tribune)


The DNA tests and other tests from the lab will take a long time to produce results. I read that the Salt Lake City lab is understaffed, and they are under pressure to "get it right.` Remember how Johnny Cochran nailed the L.A. prosecutors when he proved that the chain of evidence was tainted? Prosecutors must be able to demonstrate every move, every change in the providence of evidence.


Last night on the HLN show Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell (guest host last night) one guest suggested that the West Valley Police have other "persons of interest,` besides Josh Powell. I don`t see any way that there could be anyone else? Perhaps this is just a strategy by the police to get Josh`s guard down, to make him calm down and possibly say the wrong thing.


This coming Monday, January 4th, the Friends of Susan Powell hope to organize a ribbon campaign to accompany a social media blitz. Kiirsi Hellewell, a close friend of Susan`s, is organizing the ribbon campaign, and says that lavender and sage green were Susan`s favorite colors. The social media blitz will last for 72 hours and will utilize Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. (Ribbon campaign planned for Susan Powell by Pat Reavy-Deseret News-12/29/2009)


We have never witnessed this type of coverage for a missing persons case. We now have more social media than ever before. Think back on the Scott Peterson case, for example. And people from all over the world want to get involved. Everyone is their own  Sherlock Holmes, Johnny Cochran or Walter Cronkite.


I have seen up to 40 or 50 (even 100) comments on many of the Susan Powell articles that I have read. It`s almost getting to be "social network vigilantism` though? The West Valley Police must be quaking from the tremendous pressure? I myself am afraid they`ll drop the ball. Some facts have just disappeared, like the two fans on the wet spot. Is this now a three ring circus` that is spinning out of control?


I am linking the full six minute pristine "navy blue cap` interview with Josh Powell, that was conducted on December 10th. After each viewing it takes on different meanings.