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Published:January 10th, 2010 20:02 EST

Video: KFC's Racist Australian Commercial

By Robert Paul Reyes

This is a blatantly racist commercial.

First some background:

This commerical was aired only in Australia, and Down Under the stereotype of a black person loving fried chicken doesn`t exist.

Australia and the West Indies are fierce rivals in the game of cricket, and the white gentleman in the ad is surrounded by fans of the West Indies team.

The ad may have only been shown only on Australian TV, but in this day of YouTube KFC knew very well that the ad would be seen by Americans.

KFC is an American company, and they should never run an ad anywhere in the world that might offend their primary market.

The ad is labeled "Cricket Survival Guide" and the implication is clear: The only way a white guy in a black crowd can avoid getting beat up is by offering them some fried chicken.

The most offensive part about the ad is when the white dude says "Too Easy" after he wins over the black fans by giving them fried chicken. Too easy, as in blacks are simple-minded, and you can turn them away from violence by throwing some chicken wings at them.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has apologized, and pulled the offensive ad. But it`s too late, the damage has been done. I think I`m in the mood for some Church`s Fried Chicken.

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