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Published:January 27th, 2010 18:36 EST
Bristol Palin's Abstinence Pledge

Bristol Palin's Abstinence Pledge

By Robert Paul Reyes

Last February, Bristol Palin told Fox News` Greta Van Susteren that abstinence was `not realistic at all` for teens. Then this month in an interview with the tabloid In Touch, Bristol said that although she is obviously no longer a virgin, since she has a baby and all, she is now going to be abstinent until she is married. `I can guarantee it,` she said. When Oprah questioned Bristol`s commitment to a second virginity last week, Bristol responded, `I just think it`s a goal to have and that other young women should have that goal.`"

Jessica Grose/Newsweek

Bristol Palin, who is now a spokesperson for a pro-abstinence charity, has pledged to be celibate until she is married. In fact, Bristol has guaranteed that she will be able to keep her vow.

Bristol`s frame of mind is very dangerous -- a girl who is convinced she will remain abstinent until she`s married will see no need to use birth control or to carry condoms in her purse. That`s why we see so many girls with abstinence rings become pregnant.

I`m sure Bristol is sincere in her desire to remain celibate until marriage, but when she`s on a date with a hunk straight out of Wasilla lust may prevail over her strong convictions.

A wise alcoholic won`t guarantee that he will never drink again, he will take it one day at a time. A young woman should never guarantee that she won`t have sex again until she`s married. Bristol should take it one date at a time, and always have condoms in her purse in case she succumbs to temptation.

Bristol probably made her abstinence pledge in deference to her mother`s political ambitions, but her noble goal may end up backfiring if she becomes pregnant again.

Perfection in all matters should always be our goal, but we will never achieve perfection in any of our endeavors. Abstinence should be the goal of every young person, but very few teens will remain celibate until marriage. Wise parents will preach abstinence but make allowances for the weakness of the flesh, by teaching their children about safe sex.

Bristol had it right two years ago when she stated that abstinence was "not realistic at all" for teens. Bristol should make another about-face and become an advocate for safe sex practices.

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