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Published:February 3rd, 2010 22:19 EST

Tenants and the Weather

By Richard Botelho

Lately I have had increasing misunderstandings with my landlord who has sided against me with my upstairs neighbors. Younger, the idiots think they are going to be living an upscale lifestyle while I the struggling artist endure living next to them.


The call of the wild excites youth as in the case of my stupid neighbors and  as a horror writer I feel privileged to have learned a deeper understanding for what some go through to obtain peace or sometimes often succumb to despair by living around people like my neighbors.

I always agreed with some that said when putting together characters for any story the first stage of the assembly requires that someone broaden their field of understanding about humans if they are to write about walking in their shoes.

When I was a kid I wondered why I could imagine so much about the world around me while others could not before I decided putting my gathered understanding of human beings into macabre situations. Something my friends and family thought was a complete waste of time.

I grew up reading monster comics and watching Creature Features on Friday and Saturday night. And now with the weather overcast the thought of monsters lurking in the shadows waiting for my neighbors is the most delightful thought in the world.


Over and out...