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Published:March 23rd, 2010 20:04 EST

Can`t Afford the Doctor Bills?

By Will Roberts

Dear - the other side, 

Just in case you don`t know someone who can`t afford the doctor bills, I do. And that woman raised 3 boys alone, working as a nurse. But things happen and folks need help. I try to help as much as I can, but should I kick her to the curb if she can`t pay?  Read below and in your God`s words:


You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Maybe you folks that don`t want this to pass are confusing bible passages; it is about "loving your neighbor "not" turning the other cheek". 

Some have said to this cowboy "maybe you don`t have faith in the Lord!" and I say - maybe you don`t have faith in people, because I do.


Your friend,

Will Roberts


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