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Published:April 4th, 2010 23:22 EST
Church and State ... Of confusion!

Church and State ... Of confusion!

By Will Roberts


Well today is Easter Sunday and it looks like the Easter Bunny was trumped by the scandal in the church. They laid an egg that beat all previous years ... In size. Of course as good as the Easter bunny is at hiding, the church has been at that game a lot longer. This rotten egg has been broken wide open, bad timing and bad for attendance.

I saw a report that said that recently attendance for the Catholic Church was up. The church has admitted it was probably due to marketing they produced.  I say it has to do with the shape of the country. Folks tend to clink to "things" - faith..., when times are down and bank accounts are low. But reports also show that thing, our economy; maybe looking up, lf you are on the side of the isle that believes that.

Yesterday I see that a poll came out in California. It said that a good amount of Californians approve of the new health care reform. Of course the reform is new but taking care of one`s health is not. However, taking care of folks as a duty to humanity changed a long time ago when they realized you could charge for human suffering and the repair of it.  

I know that some folks might say "well, take that poll a little more Mid... West and you might see a tip in the scales. Some folks might also ask, Was that poll including immigrants, or just immigrants. 

Well, not much more out there on the bunny trail today. I hope whatever you and your family celebrate today, it brings the family closer together, because that is what life is about. 

Oh, I do have a plan for this whole church debacle. I say raises the age of altar boys to say 20. That`s the thing about power; it is harder to overpower someone when you are standing eye to eye. That should make the playing field more level OR get rid of the playing field all together!

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