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Published:April 24th, 2010 15:08 EST
layne bryant

Video: Layne Bryant's Controversial Lingerie Ad

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lane Bryant`s controversial new lingerie ad has been given an airdate on Fox, April 28, during the closing minutes of the 9 p.m. edition of American Idol.

The women`s clothing manufacturer had claimed both Fox and ABC objected to the commercial`s content.

layne bryant

Though the commercial will now air on Idol, both client and media still seem peeved. LB has accused the networks of bias against large-size women-and the networks have denied such claims, accusing LB of trying to milk a non-story for publicity purposes."

Lane Bryant is milking the controversy, we shouldn`t expect them to do otherwise. The pertinent question is: Were ABC and Fox right in refusing to air the commercial?

The Lane Bryant model featured in the ad isn`t wearing anything particularly revealing. I bet Betty White wears lingerie that`s much more risque. I hope I haven`t given Lane Bryant an idea.

I would characterize the Lane Bryant commercial as chaste, if you want to see something really titillating watch a Victoria`s Secret commercial.

Fox and ABC clearly have a bias against overweight models, I can`t think of any other reason why they refused to air the ad. I`m glad Fox has come around, and is going to run the commercial.

The networks underestimate their viewers, we aren`t going to get our panties in a twist over seeing a big woman in lingerie.

Check out the Lane Bryant commercial, and tell me what you think.

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