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Published:May 3rd, 2010 08:41 EST
Obama Having an Affair? Wake Up, People.

Obama Having an Affair? Wake Up, People.

By John Danz, Jr.


It has been reported that Barack Obama may be having an affair with one of his campaign aides from his U.S. Senate run, Vera Baker.

Among the "incriminating" pieces of "evidence" are a limo driver saying that in 2004, he drove Vera to a secret hotel rendezvous where Obama was staying. The other more obvious "incriminating" thing against the President is that... well, he`s a  politician.

Here`s the deal: People against Obama are allegedly offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anyone with information on this scandal. This is our problem - people in this nation are willing to shell out copious amounts of money to gain information on something as trivial as who our President is sleeping with. Money that could go to worthy causes such as education is being used as fuel for nosy, insufferable pseudo-journalists and armchair investigators who just couldn`t exist if it weren`t for scandals and  drama.

One small problem: None of this is ANYONE`S business. Just like Tiger`s affair, just like Clinton`s affair - no one should be concerned with this. Not only that, but there is no REAL evidence to incriminate Obama.

Here`s what`s really going on: A bunch of Republicans ostensibly started this rumor to attempt to vilify Obama on a world stage. What better way to humble someone than to accuse them of an affair YEARS ago? The biggest irrefutable piece of evidence for my claim is that a group of people against Obama are the ones willing to pay millions  of dollars to bust the case wide open.

What evidence do you have?