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Published:May 6th, 2010 09:50 EST
black belt

Lady With No Arms Preparing For Black Belt Test In Taekwondo

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An American woman with no arms or kneecaps is hoping to gain a black belt in taekwondo.

black beltSheila Radziewicz - who was born with a rare genetic disorder called TAR syndrome, which left her with no bones in certain parts of her body - has been training in martial arts for the past three years and is set to take her grading next month." Read More

I`m a cynic who delights in poking fun at the foibles, eccentricities and shenanigans of celebs from Lindsay Lohan to Tiger Woods. Evidently there`s a lot of folks who share my warped perspective, because my entertainment-based articles always garner a lot of hits.

But today I`m going to try something different, and write a heartwarming story about a woman who is living a fulfilled and productive life against all odds.

When I`m jogging or working out and I get a bit winded or I stub my toe, I consider that a good reason to quit for the day. But here`s a lady who was born without arms or kneecaps, and yet she`s going for her black belt in taekwondo. If Sheila can excell in martial arts despite her disabilities, then there`s no excuse for me not to get on the dance floor and learn how to shake my goove thang.

When this brave woman isn`t kicking ass in taekwondo she is works as an advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Sheila doesn`t want our pity, but I`m sure she doesn`t mind us admiring her perseverance, dedication and tremendous work ethic.

I took Judo when I was in my 20`s, I know how difficult it is to earn a black belt. Good Luck Sheila, we`re all hoping you will gain your black belt.

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