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Published:May 8th, 2010 16:26 EST
aiport screener

Miami Airport Screener Attacks Colleague After Jeers About Size Of His Manhood

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Miami airport screener, agitated at continued ribbing after colleagues saw his body parts in an imaging scanner, attacked a colleague, police said.

airport screener
What lessons can we learn from this disturbing, but interesting incident?
The  most important lesson to be gleaned is that full-body scanning machines make a mockery out of the concept of privacy. When our blind fear of terrorism compels us to place machines at airports that can look right through us, the terrorists have won. I`d rather travel by bus than have my privacy violated, we are either too afraid of terrorism or too weak-willed to protest this horrendous invasion of privacy.
The second less to be learned is that workplace harassment shouldn`t be tolerated, Negrin should have filed a complaint with human resources, and the offenders should have been disciplined. Negrin should file a lawsuit against his company for tolerating such blatant harassment.
I feel sorry for Negrin, but he shouldn`t have lashed out in violence. Now the whole world is aware of his shortcomings, the poor guy will never again get a date.

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