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Published:May 12th, 2010 09:57 EST
Craigslist: A Subculture of Charlatans and Trollops

Craigslist: A Subculture of Charlatans and Trollops

By R.J. Smith


For buying, selling, and getting free stuff, there is no better place on the internet than Craigslist.  However, if you are looking for a good time, nothing but tears are to be had within that URL.  Tears and possibly an STD or two.  Or maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and just get beaten and robbed.

The original idea behind Craigslist was to have a website where decent folks could post and respond to local classified ads without the hassle of buying a newspaper.  That part of it works flawlessly.  The community, as far as buying and selling, lost and found, and employment goes, is amazing.  There is no better place in cyberspace or beyond.

When it comes to the personals, however, another story is to be told.  An entire subculture of people, sick and depraved, using instant access to local individuals as an excuse to willingly and wantonly solicit sex of the most perverted kind to any user foolish enough to seek out a date or even just a friend by sending nothing more than a simple email response.  And those are just the advertisers.

Imagine a porn site.  That`s not too hard, they are everywhere.  Now imagine that anyone with an email address is allowed to post pictures of their p(e)nis/vagina and ask for other folks to play with them respectively.  Now go a little further and imagine that those people are your neighbors.  That is pretty much what the personal section on Craigslist is.

Your neighbors, going crazy online, cheating on their wives, husbands, dogs and cats with other wives, husbands, dogs and cats.  Mixing and matching all characters involved as needed.

How do I know all this?

I`m a troll.  That means I am not the woman whose picture I sent out responding to men`s personal ads.  Neither am I that dude who I posed as when responding to the women.  I am, however, the guy who sat back and chuckled after sending rotten perverts on a wild goose chase to meet their perfect mate, who doesn`t exist, at the local Denny`s at 2 A.M.  I have no apologies, I can only say I was bored and when folks like me get bored, we become crude bastards.

What you find out about society when folks talk freely to you, thinking, of course, that you are a 21 year old college student looking for a quick good time from any guy with a keyboard, is that people are sick.  And have no shame.  And small p(e)nises.  The latter because no matter what your ad says, men will send you pictures of them.  Regardless of whether you are posting as a man or woman.  It just happens.

The type of people you meet, who need to roam Craigslist to find a significant other, are the same type you would meet at a speed dating session if only there was no physical contact required for intercourse to take place.  Before the internet, they would hang around local arcades buying alcohol for high school kids in hopes of a late night date rape.  Yes, even the women.

The couples you meet are even worse.  Either you get a girl posing as a lesbian to try to sucker some chick into letting her boyfriend shag them both or a psycho woman who would sleep with a staple if it would give her the time of day.  Or you get a guy who is posting without his girlfriend (or wife) knowing and looking to involve someone else in the inevitable train wreck he is about to cause.  Or both of them are uglier than a third time plastic surgery loser.

If you were looking for scientific or even journalistic research when you clicked on this article, sorry to disappoint you.  Actually, I`m not sorry.  This is just my opinion.  A well-informed one in which names and dates were left out, but still an opinion none the less.

Or maybe it is a simple warning to those who were thinking of trying it.  Unless you happen to be a sick, perverted user of the Internet, looking for other sick perverted users of the Internet.  In that case, Craigslist personals may just be the Happy Fun Candy Land you have been searching for.  Thank me later.

Comments on this article can be emailed directly to me at  I won`t guarantee a response, but I will promise to at least lookand laugh before I delete them. 

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