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Published:June 1st, 2010 19:31 EST
al gore

Top Ten Al Gore Pick-Up Lines

By Robert Paul Reyes

After 40 years of marriage Al and Tipper Gore are divorcing.
al gore
Look out ladies, Gore is single and ready to get down.
Here are the Top Ten Gore Pick-Up Lines.
*Yes sweetheart, I really an a robot and I`m programmed to last all night.
*Here`s an inconvenient truth, baby " I want to get into your lockbox! (Courtesy of Andy Borowitz)
*I can do the Macarena while I`m knocking boots!
*Boxer or briefs? Neither honey, I`m ready to rock your world!
*I not only invented the Internet, I invented cyber sex, call me!
*You heard of global warming? I will set your lockbox on fire!
*I should of got the Nobel Peace Prize for my lovemaking skills!
*I actually got more action than Bill Clinton in the White House!
*Do you want to meet Little Al Gore?
*I promise you a kinky night of passion, I was Vice President after all. I know all about vice!

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