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Published:June 10th, 2010 14:20 EST

Boycott BP! Let's Bankrupt This Evil Corporation!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"BP`s shares continue to take a battering, falling to a 14-year low at one point in New York trading overnight.

Shares slumped to a 20-month low yesterday after speculation that the oil giant will slash its dividend in order to pay for the Gulf of Mexico disaster. Read More


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a catastrophe for the environment, and the communities in that region. But a movie comedy could be made depicting BP`s futile and clumsy efforts to stop the leak.

Tom Hayward, BP`s chief executive should have visited the cities in the gulf that have been devastated by this man-made disaster, expressing regret and remorse. Instead the idiot whined: I want my life back. Hayward still gets to sleep in his mansion and relax in his yacht. But thousands of gulf residents have been left destitute by this calamity -- their lives destroyed.

We should fight back against the insensitivity of this oil giant, and boycott BP. It warms my heart that BP`s shares are taking a pounding, but let`s bankrupt this evil corporation.

We should also email our representatives in Congress, and demand that there be no more offshore oil drilling. I hope that Obama has learned his lesson, and that he will never again support offshore oil drilling.

Let`s make sure that there will never again be a similar disaster!

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