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Published:June 11th, 2010 09:53 EST
Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

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By Brittany Carr
As a college student, I`ve recently learned that a necessary part of life is dealing with the fact that you never know what the future holds. For children, everything seems black and white, cut and dry, uncomplicated (sometimes). As soon as you graduate high school, you leave that world behind and enter a new world, full of expenses and stress, major decisions and the constant state of confusion. Ask any college student; they`re freaking out. It seems like you spend your entire life dreaming, then suddenly it`s time to make those dreams come true. No one can say they`re ready. If anyone is, please tell me how you reached that point. I`m dying to know.
Amidst all my fears about choosing majors, career goals, and entire life plans, I have come to realize that the thing I am most afraid of is the idea of the unknown. Coming from your stereotypical type-A personality, not knowing something kills me. To me, not knowing means that I won`t be able to prepare, and not being able to prepare leads to nervous breakdown of the century. It`s been hard for me to understand that I`m not in control of everything.
A few nights ago, I came across a quote that calmed my fears. 
A very wise man named Joseph A. Sittler once said, There`s a quiet, serene confidence in knowing that all things do not stand according to one`s own achievements or the correctness of every decision one makes. "
To every college student out there, this should be your mantra. I`m starting to learn that God uses the unknown to strengthen the faith of His believers. When you`re facing the unknown, it`s not unknown to God. He knows everything, and He keeps secrets for a reason. For college students, and everyone really, the future has to be unknown. Otherwise, there would be no point in following God`s plan for your life, rather than your own. Even though I still find myself worrying about my future, I`ve learned not to be afraid of the unknown. I`ve almost come to embrace it, only because it is the unknown that proves that God exists, and convinces me once again that I should fully rely on Him. While my future is unknown to me, I know God has a plan. Trust me, it`s a good one.

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