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Published:July 9th, 2010 12:16 EST
anna chapman

Russian Spy Anna Chapman Embodies The American Spirit

By Robert Paul Reyes

I recently wrote an essay titled "America Loves Gorgeous Russian Spy Anna Chapman", it`s garnered a lot of hits and not one critical email. Not a single person called me a commie-loving bastard or a godless liberal.

A couple of decades ago any American who praised a Russian spy would have been ridden on a rail out of town, but we`ve evolved beyond blind patriotism. Most Americans realize that every nation, including the United States, employs an army of spies. Countries even spy on allies, diplomacy and spying are two sides of the same coin.

anna chapman

Anna Chapman, whose former name is Anya Kushchenko, is as American as apple pie. The Russian hottie has the requisite Facebook page and topless pictures posted online. You can`t get more American than that, it`s almost a rite of passage for young American girls to post racy pics online.

Americans love Anna because we recognize her as the girl-next-door, who achieved the American dream of becoming famous. Anna`s hobby was spying, so what?

Russia is a nation of intellectuals who play chess, read great works of literature and dream of once again becoming a superpower. America is a nation immersed and obsessed with pop culture, we dream of becoming famous and we worship those who achieve this lofty goal. Is it any wonder we adore Anna?

America is a post-modern and post-religious society, and the only truth for us is irony. That`s why nobody complained that I didn`t take the Russian spy story seriously, and focused on the beauty that is Anna Chapman.

Even true believers (political ideologues and religious fanatics), unconsciously embrace irony.

All red-blooded Americans should petition America and Russia to allow Anna Chapman to live in the United Sates. Anna is one of us, and we miss her deeply.

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