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Published:July 31st, 2010 13:52 EST
chelsea clinton

Decadent Chelsea Clinton Wedding: Where's The Outrage?

By Robert Paul Reyes

America is suffering thorough the worst economic period since the Great Depression. There are millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, and those of us lucky to have a job can barely pay our bills. We scrimp and save, and we wrack our brains deciding which bills we can skip paying this month.

chelsea clintonMeanwhile in the sleepy town of Rhinebeck, we will soon witness the spectacle of the Chelsea Clinton wedding. This promises to be an expensive and extravagant affair that reeks of decadence and ostentatious display of wealth.

The Clintons have a "let them eat cake" attitude, although I doubt that the Clintons will give any peasant a morsel of the $11,000 Clinton wedding cake.

"As the wedding draws near, more and more details are beginning to leak.

The wedding is expected to be a lavish, glamorous and expensive affair. The cost is estimated at anywhere from $2 million to $3 million. Last night`s rehearsal dinner reportedly cost a quarter of a million dollars. It all boils down to more than $6,000 dollars a person.

To put things in perspective, the average American wedding costs $24,000 -- that`s how much the Clintons are spending for the video crew alone. Then again, most people don`t have to spend $200,000 dollars on security." read more

Chelsea Clinton is an ugly duckling who turned not into a beautiful swan, but a somewhat cute chick. Is this why she is sparing no expense for her wedding?

The Chelsea wedding outrage may be appropriate for a monarchy, but not a democracy. I won`t pray that al Qaeda targets the wedding, but I hope the paparazzi disrupts the proceedings. The Clintons have got to pay a price for their stupidity and insensitivity.

It is the patriotic duty of every red-blooded American to hiss and boo the Clintons whenever they dare to appear in public.

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