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Published:August 19th, 2010 11:43 EST

Cougars A Media Construct

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A MAJOR study of profiles listed on lonely hearts` websites, including thousands of singles in Australia, has dispelled the `cougar` phenomenon as a myth.

There was no significant group of older women seeking younger men for long-term relationships - the so-called cougar or toy boy effect - found during the analysis of 22,400 profiles from dating websites.

cougarsThere was also `copious evidence revealing a distinctive preference by men for youthful women`` - though there were exceptions and particularly in Australia. Read more

Watching network TV gives us the impression that cougars prowl every cul-de-sac and apartment building in America. Moms warn their kindergarten children not to take candy from strangers, and their high school sons to watch out for cougars.

But it turns out the the cougar phenomenon is a media construct, in real life desperate housewives aren`t pouncing on pool boys and McDonald`s cashiers.

The cougars of Wisteria Lane are an abomination, and fortunately they don`t depict reality. The vast majority of women simply have no desire to date much younger men. This study proves that real women who join online dating services generally seek older gentlemen, not younger dudes.

It goes against nature for a woman to be romantically involved with a much younger men. Only a depraved and jaded celeb like Madonna hooks up with a much younger man. It`s not just lust but politics that motivates the Material Girl ( Hag?) to date men who are young enough to be her grandchildren. Madonna is making the statement that wealthy and powerful women have the right to have sex with much younger men. Of course they do, but they look ridiculous and desperate.

Moms relax! Your son is more likely to be attacked by a real cougar than a human cougar. Madonna with her twisted values and cheap morals doesn`t represent reality.

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