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Published:September 21st, 2010 13:13 EST

Amazing Feat: Limbless Man Swims English Channel

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A French father-of-two who swam across the Channel 16 years after losing all his limbs in an electrical accident said Sunday that he was `the happiest man alive.`

Philippe Croizon, a 42-year-old former metalworker, said he had performed his feat to inspire all those `who think life is nothing but suffering.`


He set off from Folkestone in southern England just before 8:00 am on Saturday, and arrived on the French coast near Wissant just before 9:30 pm, propelled by his specially designed flipper-shaped prosthetic legs. - AFP

I don`t know if Philippe is the happiest man alive, but nobody would argue that he isn`t the happiest dude who doesn`t have any limbs.

Philippe`s accomplishment is awe-inspiring, but it doesn`t change the fact that life is nothing but suffering.

We read a heartwarming tale like his, and we feel OK for a few moments, but then the absurdity and meaningless of life drowns us in depression again.

Croizon lost his limbs when he was struck by a 20,000-volt charge as he attempted to remove a TV antenna from the roof of his house. Meaningless, and absurd, right?

Life ain`t no bowl of cherries, but I hope that my silly essays help you forget about the weariness of life, if only for a few moments.

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