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Published:November 14th, 2007 07:25 EST
Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future

By Aviva Gat

In late August 2001, Jenna, a sophomore at Boston University, dreamed that four bombs went off, closing all the airports.  In her dream, the Air Force was flying around protecting the people of the United States from any threats posed by the bombs that just exploded.  Two weeks later, on Sept. 11, all airports closed when four airplanes were hijacked and used as bombs.  “I told my family and my friends when I had the dream.  I told them before Sept. 11,” said Jenna.

This is not the only example Jenna has to prove her psychic abilities.  In 8th grade, when she was sitting in her last period class, someone came on the loudspeaker telling the teachers not to dismiss their classes.  “My friends asked me what was going on,” said Jenna.  “I told them that someone had gotten hurt and there was an ambulance.  I also told them that a tall dark man in a hat and tan coat was standing in the lobby, which was weird because everyone had to sign in to get into our school.  When they finally dismissed us, I heard that someone was hurt and there was an ambulance outside.  Then my classmates started pointing and screaming.  The man in the hat and tan coat was there!”

“Most people don’t believe me when I say I’m psychic,” said Jenna whose best friend is also psychic.  “My friends believe me, but it’s not really something I publicize.”  Skeptics often ask Jenna to prove herself, which she has been able to do.  “One time I was at the airport with my best friend’s family and they asked me to prove it.  I told them their first piece of luggage would be the 17th one off the conveyor belt.  They counted, and I was right.”

Jenna’s mom is also psychic.  “One time she dreamed I bumped my head and she came into my room, but I was already awake because I had a headache,” said Jenna.

Dreams are the main way that Jenna and her mom see the future.  One time Jenna had a dream that her grandmother passed away.  “My grandma seemed perfectly healthy at the time.  The day after I had that dream my grandma went to the doctor and was diagnosed with cancer.  She died a little later.”

Because of Jenna’s premonitions, she, her mom, her best friend and her best friend’s mom went to go see John Edwards, a medium who can communicate with people who have passed away.  “He said I have PNN: Psychic News Network,” said Jenna, laughing.  “He said I don’t have to become a reader and I can’t save the world, but I can use my talent for my own benefit.”

Jenna does use her talent for her own benefit.  “I dreamed some of the questions on the SAT,” said Jenna, who plans to major in public relations.  “And sometimes I know what questions a professor is going to ask on an exam.”

Jenna also uses her talent for the benefit of others.  “I can tell when my friends are upset,” said Jenna.  “Sometimes I’ll call them and ask ‘what’s wrong” and they will answer and already be crying.  They get a little freaked out when I do that.”

Jenna has proved her psychic abilities time and time again and many people come to her for answers or advice.   “I can also interpret dreams, so a lot of my friends will ask me stuff,” said Jenna.  “Also, my parents won’t get on a plane unless I say it’s OK.”